"Wisdom begins with putting the right name on a thing"
(Old Chinese Proverb)

Original Participants

The original IOC English Names project was a group effort that took many years of effort by leading ornithologists worldwide. They devoted their time and their expertise. They waited patiently for issues to be resolved and they compromised generously on tough decisions. The members of the six regional subcommittees are listed below.  Asterisks mark the chairs of each subcommittee.  The project took so long that we lost some members. In particular, Stuart Keith did not live to see the completed work. He spearheaded the Africa subcommittee and led the way with clear thinking about the application of the rules to those species. In another case, Paul Coopmans passed on shortly after publication of the work. Paul was a strong and constructive member of the Neotropical subcommittee. We will miss Stuart and Paul, but we will not forget their leadership roles.

IOC Standing Committee on English Names

CoChairs: Frank Gill, Minturn Wright


Aldo Berutti, South Africa

Clive Barlow, Gambia

W. Richard J. Dean, South Africa

Michael Irwin, Zimbabwe

*G. Stuart Keith, USA

*Peter G Ryan, South Africa

Donald Turner, Kenya


David Bishop, New Guinea

Murray Bruce, Australia

Brian Gill, New Zealand

H. Douglas Pratt, USA

*Richard Schodde, Australia


Per Alström, Sweden

Mark Beaman, UK

David Parkin, UK

Christopher Perrins, UK


Kenn Kaufman, USA

*Stephen M. Russell, USA

Harrison B. Tordoff, USA


Simon Harrap UK

Tim Inskipp, UK

Ben King, USA

Nigel Redman,UK

Philip Round ,Thailand


Paul Coopmans, Ecuador

Robert S Ridgely, USA

Steven L. Hilty, USA

Steve N. G. HowellUSA


Sally Conyne – Compiler

David B. Donsker – Taxonomic Editor

Eng-Li Green – Website Manager