"Wisdom begins with putting the right name on a thing"
(Old Chinese Proverb)



Mar 30    Accept Chinese Blackbird

Mar 29    Stet subspecies status of Norfolk Whistler, pending full analysis

Mar 27    Accept Yellow-billed Honeyeater split

Mar 27    Accept Foulehaio splits

Mar 20   Accept Copperback Quail-thrush

Mar 20   Accept Naretha Bluebonnet

Mar 17    Lump Northern Parrotbill with Reed Parrotbill

Mar 16   Accept Northern Mealy Amazon

Mar 15   Post newly described Perijá Tapaculo on Updates/PS

Mar 15   Post proposed split of Black-fronted Francolin on Updates/PS

Mar 15   Post proposed split of Rapa Shearwater on Updates/PS

Mar 8    Complete IOC/eBird alignment review of nonpasserines

Mar 3    Resequence Gould’s Hummingbird to precede Brace’s Hummingbird

Feb 23   Lump Forsten’s Megapode (including buruensis) with Dusky Megapode

Feb 23   Restore incorrectly split Central Nicobar Serpent Eagle (S. minimus) to ssp of Crested Serpent Eagle

Feb 22   Treat newly described Campina Jay as a subspecies of  Azure-naped Jay

Feb 18   Change English name of Mottled Whistler to Mottled Berryhunter

Feb 17    Post proposed Northern Silvery Grebe split on Updates/PS

Feb 17    Decline PS Northern Lesser Woodcreeper per SACC

Feb 16    Move Ashy Gerygone to Acanthiza, Change English name to Grey Thornbill

Feb 15    Post proposed split of Necklaced Barbet on Updates/PS

Feb 14    Post proposed split of Tarim Babbler on Updates/PS

Feb 14    Post proposed split of ‘Band-backed’ Quail-thrush on Updates/PS

Feb 14    Post proposed split of Naretha Parrot on Updates/PS

Jan 22    Post proposed split of Chinese Blackbird on Updates/PS

Jan 16    5.1 is now available

Jan 12    Begin transition to 5.1

Jan 7      Post proposed split of  ‘Owston’s Flycatcher’ on Updates/PS

Jan 6      Withdraw provisional acceptance of Socorro Warbler; sampling of Tropical Parula inadequate

Jan 5      Post proposed split of Desert Tawny Owl on Updates/PS



Dec 31     Accept Black-fronted Brush Finch

Dec 31     Change English name of Fox Sparrow (P. iliaca) to Red Fox Sparrow

Dec 31     Accept Fox Sparrow splits

Dec 31     Accept Socorro Warbler (check sampling issues)

Dec 31     Accept Western Whistler

Dec 31     Accept Tepui [Sierra de Lema] Flycatcher; English name?

Dec 31     Change English name of Blossomcrown (A. floriceps) to Santa Marta Blossomcrown

Dec 31     Accept Andean Blossomcrown

Dec 31     Change English name of Plovercrest (S. lalandi) to Green-crested Plovercrest

Dec 31     Accept Purple-crested Plovercrest

Dec 25    Post proposed lump of Northern Parrotbill on Updates/PL

Dec 23    Post proposed split of Western Whistler on Updates/PS

Dec 20   Decline Tenerife Goldcrest pending full revision of complex

Dec 19    Revisit species epithet of Asian Brown Flycatcher (M. dauurica vs M. latirostris)

Dec 19    Accept Sulawesi [Streaked] Flycatcher

Dec 19    Treat  Sucunduri Flycatcher as subspecies of  Zimmer’s Flatbill

Dec 18    Decline Cuban Amazon splits

Dec 18    Post proposed split of Lyre-tailed Woodstar (Inaguan Lyretail?) on Updates/PS

Dec 17     Post proposed Sedge Wren splits on Updates/PS

Dec 15     Accept Varied Tit spits

Dec 15    Stet recognition of Tschudi’s Woodcreeper

Dec 11    Change English name to Congo Peacock to Congo Peafowl

Dec 7      Post proposed split of Socorro Warbler on Updates/PS

Dec 6      Accept split of Boa Nova Tapaculo Scytalopus gonzagai

Dec 6      Post proposed split of Sierra de Lema Flycatcher on Updates/PS

Dec 6      Post proposed splits of Atlapetes nigrifrons and A. meridae, respectively on Updates/PS

Dec 6       Change English name of Atlapetes latinuchus to Yellow-breasted Brush Finch

Nov 24    Post newly described Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher on Updates/PS

Nov 22    Post proposed split of Rosalia Thrasher on Updates/PS

Nov 22    Post proposed split of Western Painted Bunting on Updates/PS

Nov 19    Revisit Hornbill Friarbird; post on Updates/PL

Nov 19    Post proposed split of  Northern Lesser Woodcreeper on Updates/PS

Nov 15    Divide storm petrels into Oceanitidae and Hydrobatidae

Nov 13    Accept Cliff Parakeet

Nov 13    Post proposed split of Blossomcrowns on Updates/PS

Nov 13    Post proposed split of Plovercrests on Updates/PS

Nov 13    Post PK Comparison of  IOC 4.4 genera with H&M4 (Passerines)

Nov 13    Accept Louisiade Whistler (includes rosseliana)

Nov 12    Correct status of  Tschudi’s Woodcreeper to PL

Nov 12    Transfer 4.2 DEL taxa from Updates/PS to Comments on Master List

Nov 1      IOC 4.4 installed

Oct 30    Transition to 4.4 nearing completion

Oct 26    Start transition to 4.4 website

Oct 26    Change Santa Marta Warbler to Myiothlypis

Oct 25    Finalize and proof updates for 4.4

Oct 24    Accept Three-striped Warbler splits

Oct 24   Post proposed split of Northern Mealy Amazon on Updates/PS

Oct 19    Accept Bougainville Whistler

Oct 19    Post revised hornbill classification incl corrigenda

Oct 18    Lump White-throated Whistler with Fiji Whistler

Oct 17    Decline Taveuni Whistler

Oct 14    Resequence Ceara Gnateater, sister to Ash-throated Gnateater

Oct 12    Accept Palkachupa Cotinga

Oct 11    Restore Roraiman Warbler

Oct 11    Accept Pale Baywing

Oct 2     Accept Riparian Antbird

Oct 2     Restore Phibalura to Cotingidae

Oct 2     Decline Turquoise-throated Barbet, Gold-faced Barbet splits

Oct 1     Decline Eastern Long-tailed Cuckoo split, pending vocals

Sept 6   Post Bahian [Mouse-colored] Tapaculo on Updates/NEW

Sept  1   Post proposed Giant Honeyeater split on Updates/PS

Aug 30  Accept Sooty Barbet and Yellow-eared Barbet splits

Aug 30  Decline Striated Grasswren splits pending improved sampling

Aug 30  Post proposed Wattled Honeyeater splits on Updates/PS

Aug 20  Post proposed Striated Grasswren splits on Updates/PS

Aug 18  Post proposed Asian barbet splits on Updates/PS

Aug 18  Update xml version of Master List to 4.3

Aug 10  Accept King Rail and ‘Clapper’ Rail splits

Aug 4    Completed transition to 4.3, except for xml version of Master List

Aug 4    Restore missing genus rows to Melampitta and Megalampitta

Aug 3    Restore missing genus row to Wattled Ploughbill (Eulacestoma)

Aug 2    4.3 spreadsheets added to website

Jul 28   Finalizing  updates for 4.3

Jul 28   Post proposed Varied Tit splits on Updates/PS

Jul 27   Accept lump of Long-tailed Pipit with Buffy Pipit

Jul 27   Accept lump of Kimberley Pipit with African Pipit

Jul 27   Decline proposed lump of Naung Mung Scimitar Babbler 

Jul 27   Accept Silver-backed Butcherbird split

Jul 25   Accept newly described Inambari Gnatcatcher

Jul 25   Correct species name of Cape White-eye to Zosterops virens

Jul 24   Lump Lepe Cisticola as ssp of Red-faced Cisticola

Jul 23   Change English names of Pheucticus chrysogaster and P. chrysopeplus to Golden Grosbeak and Yellow Grosbeak respectively

Jul 22   Accept Lineated Woodcreeper splits

Jul 21   Decline proposed revisions of Curve-billed Scythebill species complex pending new SACC proposals

Jul 19   Revise genera of cormorants and shags (Draft)

Jul 18   Post proposed split of Taiwanese Bamboo Partridge on Updates/PS

Jul 18   Post proposed split of Rodgers’s/Pacific Fulmar on Updates/PS

Jul 12   Post proposed split of Cayman Bullfinch on Updates/PS

Jul 12    Post proposed split of Riparian Antbird on Updates/PS

Jul 11     Post newly described Cryptic Treehunter on Updates/PS

Jul 11     Post proposed split of Yunnan Parrotbill on Updates/PS

Jul 11     Post proposed Three-striped Warbler splits on Updates/PS

Jul 11     Correct switched ranges for Kaka subspecies

Jul 1       Back from Uganda

Jun 5     Post proposed split of  Wakatobi Flowerpecker on Updates/PS

Jun 2     Revise classification of Icteridae (draft)

May 27  Post proposed split of Palmer’s Thrasher on Updates/PS

May 27  Post proposed lump of Lepe Cisticola with Red-faced Cisticola

May 27  Delete proposed Myrmotherula splits following SACC 618

May 27  Delete proposed Barred Woodcreeper splits following SACC 621

May 6    Separate Greater Melampitta to monotypic genus Megalampitta

May 6    Move melampittas from Incertae sedis 3 to new  family Melampittidae

May 6    Move Blue-capped Ifrit from Incertae sedis 3 to new monotypic family Ifritidae

May 6   Move Crested Bellbird from Incertae sedis 2 to new family Oreoicidae

May 6   Move Crested Pitohui  from Incertae sedis 2 to new family Oreoicidae

May 6   Move Rufous-naped Whistler from Incertae sedis 2 to new family Oreoicidae

May 6   Move Mottled Whistler from Incertae sedis 2 to new monotypic family Rhagologidae

May 6   Move Ploughbill from Incertae sedis 2 to new monotypic family Eulacestomidae

May 6   Merge Cracticidae, including Peltops, with Artamidae

May 6  Post proposed split of Roraiman Warbler on Updates/PS

May 5   Move Pygmy Drongo (Chaetorhynchus) from Dicruridae to Rhipiduridae, after Silktail (Lamprolia)

May 5   Resequence Fernwren (Oreoscopus) to follow Goldenface at beginning of Acanthizidae

May 5   Resequence Goldenface (Pachycare) to beginning of Acanthizidae

May 5   Accept Seychelles Black Parrot

May 2   Change English name of Scytalopus rodriguezi to Magdalena Tapaculo

Apr 28  Post proposed splits of Bahama Amazon and Grand Cayman Amazon on Updates/PS

Apr 24   Back at  desk. 4.2 installed. Thanks for contributions.

Apr 11   Post proposed lumps of Kimberley Pipit (=African) and Long-tailed Pipit (=Buffy) on Updates/PS

Apr 10   Start transition to v4.2

Apr 4     Move Groundscraper Thrush from Psophocichla to Turdus.

Apr 4      Move Tristan Thrush from Nesocichla to Turdus

Apr 3      Delete proposed Xiphorhynchus splits from Updates/PS following SACC (600)

Apr 3      Accept Timneh Parrot; recognition of subspecies P.t. princeps under review

Mar 25   Delete 20 proposed splits from active consideration on Updates/PS; restore when justified by new data

Mar 23   Post proposed Sumichrast’s Scrub Jay split on Updates/PS

Mar 19   Separate Spotted Wren-Babbler from Timaliidae/Spelaeornis to Elachuridae/Elachura/’Spotted’ Elachura

Mar 18   Post proposed Eastern Long-tailed Cuckoo split on Updates/PS

Mar 5     Change name of Sirystes sibilator from Eastern Sirystes to Sibilant Sirystes

Mar 2     Post proposed Cyanocompsa and Amaurospiza splits on Updates/PS

Mar 2     Accept Helmetcrest splits. Change English name of Oxypogon guerinii to Green-bearded Helmetcrest

Feb 27    Accept Negro Stipple-throated Antwren and Madeira Stipple-throated Antwren; English names tentative.

Feb 26    Accept Snethlage’s Antpitta and Alta Floresta Antpitta

Feb 25    Retain Yasuni Antwren for now

Feb 24    Accept Dusky Leaftosser as first step to revising this species complex

Feb 24    Accept splits of Eastern Sirystes (White-rumped, Todd’s, Sibilant)

Feb 23    Accept Tropeiro Seedeater

Feb 23    Accept Acre Tody-Tyrant

Feb 23   Revise Alaudidae; xls format

Feb 22   Post Subantarctic Shearwater on Updates/PS

Feb 16   Change English name of Aulacorhynchus whitelianus from Whitely’s Toucanet to Tepui Toucanet

Feb 15   Post ‘Maputaland’ Scrub Robin on Updates/PS

Feb 13    Revise lark genera Updates/Taxonomy

Feb 10    Lump Sidamo Lark with Archer’s Lark

Feb 3      Post Santa Marta Wood Wren on Updates/PS

Feb 1       Post Sao Paulo [Marsh] Antwren on Updates/NEW

Jan 27    Post Xingu Cardinal split on Updates/PS

Jan 22    Edit Ranges of rosefinches (C. pulcherrimus, C. davidianus, C. waltoni)

Jan 21    Correct Range and Authority of Melanesian Whistler, following split of New Caledonian Whistler

Jan 17    Transition to 4.1 complete. Thanks for corrections.  Reports of errors,  link problems etc welcome

Jan 17     Post Peter Kovalik’s Multilingual IOC 4.1. Hundreds of Chinese vernacular names are added –  for almost all species. These new Chinese names come from the webpage: http://baike.niaolei.org.cn/, which follows IOC taxonomy: number of species, scientific and English names too.

Jan 17     Post Peter Kovalik’s enlarged  (=super!) IOC 4.1 comparison file. It includes not only species but also subspecies (and Clements’ group taxa) as well as two older but important checklists: Sibley & Monroe 1993 and all volumes of Peters checklist.  Thanks, Peter!

Jan 7       Transition to 4.1 underway

Jan 7       Sequence Falconiformes/Psittaciformes before Passeriformes

Jan 6       Sequence Anseriformes before Galliformes



Dec 31     Transfer Grandala to Turdidae

Dec 31     Accept Manipore Warbling Antbird

Dec 31     Accept Aripuana and Predicted Antwrens

Dec 31     Post proposed Curved Scythebill splits on Updates/PS

Dec 31     Post proposed Lineated Woodcreeper splits on Updates/PS

Dec 31     Post proposed Barred Woodcreeper splits on Updates/PS

Dec 31     Post proposed Purus Antwren split on Updates/PS

Dec 31     Post proposed Natterer’s Puffbird split on Updates/PS

Dec 30    Post revision of Muscicapidae 4.1 (Draft)

Dec 30    Subspecies updates and revisions

Dec 21    Revise Beautiful Rosefinch (pulcherrimus) species complex. Link to Summary

Dec 21    Lump Spotted Great Rosefinch with [Caucasian] Great Rosefinch

Dec 21     Accept Pale Rosefinch

Dec 20    Decline Tasmanian Masked Owl. Good subspecies, but case for species is weak. Need a comprehensive review of masked owls

Dec 15     Accept Bicolored Antbird/White-cheeked Antbird split

Dec 14     Restore traditional names with patronyms for Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo and Baudin’s Black Cockatoo

Dec 14     Correct English names of “Angola” Batis, Lark, Swallow and Cave Chat to adjectival forms

Dec 14     Accept Arabian Scops Owl

Dec 13     Accept Plumbeous Tyrant; change English name of Knipolegus signatus from Andean Tyrant to Jelski’s Black Tyrant

Dec 13     Post proposed Oxypogon splits on Updates/PS

Dec 11      Post proposed Sirystes splits on Updates/PS

Nov 30    Accept Gosling’s Bunting

Nov 30    Accept Mexican Hermit

Nov 26    Post Stipple-throated Antwren splits on Updates/PS

Nov 26    Correct genus of three Slaty Flycatchers species from Dioptrornis to Melaenornis

Nov 26    Correct range of Desert Sparrow

Nov 12    Accept Bornean Forktail

Nov 7      Treat whittakeri as subspecies of Spottted Antpitta pending SACC evaluation of the species complex.

Nov 4      Post proposed split(s) of Tawny-throated Leaftosser complex on Updates/PS

Nov 4      Future updates will be aligned to calendar year, e.g. v4.1 – 4.4 (2014)

Nov 3      Decline proposed Fig Parrot splits

Nov 1       Assign DOI numbers to IOC Master List 3.1 to 3.5

Nov 1       Post proposed splits of Black-fronted Fig Parrot and Dusky-cheeked Fig Parrot on Updates/PS list

Oct 30      Merge Standard-winged Nightjar and Pennant-winged Nightjar (Macrodipteryx) into Caprimulgus

Oct 27      Post proposed splits of Golden Whistler complex on Updates/PS list

Oct 26      Accept subspecies of New Zealand Plover

Oct 20      Post Sargeant’s Comparison of IOC 3.5 v Clements 6.8

Oct 6        Accept Rennell Whistler and New Caledonian Whistler

Oct 5        Change species name of Moltoni’s Warbler to Sylvia subalpina 

Oct 4        Post Omani Owl on Updates/PS list

Sept 30   Transition to 3.5 complete

Sept 28   Master List and LifeList+ 3.5  now online (IOC Lists)

Sept 27   Post Western Subalpine Warbler on Updates/PS list

Sept 25    Post White-cheeked Antbird on Updates/PS list

Sept 23   Start transition to 3.5

Sept 22   Split (extinct) Mascarene Sheldgoose into Mauritius Sheldgoose and Reunion Sheldgoose

Sept 22   Change English name of Ptilinopus insularis to Henderson Fruit Dove

Sept 22   Change English names of Robsonius rabori (Cordillera Ground Warbler) and Rsorsogonensis (Bicol Ground Warbler)

Sept 22   Accept Sierra Madre Ground Warbler

Sept 21   Completed Nonpasserine Range upgrades

Sept 19   Accept Mistletoe Tyrannulet, Venezuelan Tyrannulet (petersi), Coopmans’s Tyrannulet, Chico’s Tyrannulet

Sept 19   Change English name of Porzana atra (Red-eyed Crake) to Henderson Crake

Sept 17   Accept Zarudny’s Sparrow

Sept 16   Lump  3 species of Ortygospiza into one ‘Quailfinch’

Sept 15   Post “Sierra Madre” Ground Warbler to Updates/PS List; revisit English names of species

Sept 15   Change group name of Robsonius spp from Babbler to Ground Warbler

Sept 15   Move Robsonius from Pellorneidae to Locustellidae

Sept 15   Decline Paradise Flycatcher splits based on mtDNA tree

Sept 13   Merge Finschia into Mohoua

Sept 13   Recognize Mohouidae, resequence to follow Campephagidae

Sept 12   Accept Iberian Green Woodpecker. Decline Zagros Green Woodpecker

Sept 10   Accept Pale-blue Monarch

Sept 4     Post ‘new’ species described in HBW Special Volume on Updates/PS List

Sept 4     Revisit taxonomy of 3 species of Quailfinches ; post proposed lump on Updates/PS List

Aug 22    Post proposed lump of Spotted Great Rosefinch with Caucasian Great Rosefinch on Updates/PS List

Aug 22    Post proposed split of Pale Rosefinch Carpodacus stoliczkae from Sinai Rosefinch on Updates/PS List

Aug 22    Accept Taiwan Rosefinch

Aug 18    Correct and clarify Ranges of Vermiculated Screech Owl species complex

Aug 18    Delete Middle American Screech Owl subspecies M.g. tomlini (=hastatus) and M.g. thompsoni (=guatemalae)

Aug 18    Change “Madagascar” in English names to adjectival “Madagascan”

Aug 16    Revise generic classification of Paridae to follow Johansson et al 2013

Aug 16    Move Cephalopyrus from Remizidae to Paridae

Aug 16    Accept Caspian Tit

Aug 10    Change English name of Myrmeciza immaculata to Blue-lored Antbird

Aug 10    Accept newly described species Delta Amacuro Softtail

Aug 8      Decline split of Tiboli Sunbird to await more data

Aug 8       Accept Philippine Aethopyga splits (Magnificent, Maroon-naped, Bohol, Luzon Sunbirds)

Aug 8       Treat newly described Seram Masked Owl as subspecies of Tyto sororcula

Aug 8       Accept Cambodian Tailorbird

Aug 8       Decline Spotted Boobook, Red Boobook

Aug 8       Accept Ameline Swiftlet

Aug 5        Change English name of Artemisiospiza nevadensis to Sagebrush Sparrow

Aug 3       Taxonomic and authority updates

Aug 1        Change English name of Drymophila caudata to East Andean Antbird

July 29    Post proposed split of Mexican Hermit on Updates/PS List

July 25    Transfer Swamp Prinia to Laticilla in Pellorneidae;  accompanies Rufous-vented Prinia (3.4)

July 23    Accept Junin Tapaculo

July 23    Begin upgrades of ranges of monotypic species

July 20    Revise Aratinga to four genera

July 13     Start log of corrections and edits of nomenclature authorities

July 6       Accept Chinese Wren-babbler

July 4       Assign Geomalia heinrichi to Zoothera

July 3       Accept Ochre-backed Woodpecker

July 3       Accept Zappey’s Flycatcher

July 3       Correct status of Ua Pou Monarch to Extant

June 30   Post newly described Junin Tapaculo on Updates/PS list

June 30   Transition to v3.4 is nearly complete; please report problems

June 26   Post newly described Cambodian Tailorbird on Updates/PS List

June 24   Post new H&M4 splits (Spotted Boobook, Red Boobook, Tasmanian Masked Owl, Ameline Swiftlet) on Updates/PS

June 23   Revise generic classification of Meliphagidae to follow Nyári & Joseph 2011

June 22   Start transition to version 3.4

June 19   Post proposed split of Tropeiro Seedeater on Updates/PS List

June 19   Post proposed split of Zappey’s Flycatcher on Updates/PS List

June 19   Post proposed split of Arabian Scops Owl on Updates/PS List

June 16   Accept Rinjani Scops Owl (Otus jolandae)

June 14   Accept Lesser Sooty Owl (Tyto multipunctata)

June 14   Accept Baja Pygmy Owl  (Glaucidium hoskinsii)

June 13   Post working revision of Muscicapidae following Sangster et al 2010, Zuccon & Ericson 2010 at https://www.dropbox.com/s/cfkjn6aylz7mni9/Muscicapidae.xlsx

June 13  Post working revision of Meliphagidae incorporating revisions of Lichenostomus at https://www.dropbox.com/s/yox0u0yun0penyc/Meliphagidae%203.xlsx

June 8    Post proposed split of Gosling’s Bunting on Updates/PS list

June 6    Post proposed split of Lesser Sooty Owl on Updates/PS list

June 6    Accept ‘Raja Ampat’ Pitohui  and Southern Variable Pitohui

June 6    Post proposed splits of Clapper and King Rail populations s on Updates/PS List; address nomenclature and English name issues

June 5    Lump Plain-breasted Earthcreeper (Upucerthia jelskii) into Buff-breasted Earthcreeper (U. validirostris)

June 4    Accept Solomons Nightjar (Eurostopodus nigripennis) and New Caledonian Nightjar (E. exul)

June 4    Accept Palau Nightjar (Caprimulgus phalaena)

June 4    Accept Mindoro Racket-tail (Prioniturus mindorensis)

May 19   Correct nomenclature of Orange River Francolin (HM4)

May 19   Change species name of Island Leaf Warbler to P. maforensis, which has priority over frequently used P. poliocephalus.

May 19   Move ssp phaeolaemus from Aulacorhynchus griseigularis to A. albivitta

May 19   Remove extinct dagger from Ua Pou Monarch (Pratt)

May 19   Fix spelling of Falco p. furuitii

May 18   Revise Pitohui and Colluricincla

May 11   Accept Sage Sparrow (A nevadensis) split from ‘Bell’s Sparrow’ (A. belli) with English name transfer.

May 11  Move Peltops spp to beginning of Cracticidae

May 7     Post gender correction for Spinus thibetana

May 6     Correct spelling of Falco peregrinus fruitii to P.f. furuitii. DD: It’s hard to beat the combined wisdom of the Bird Forum participants. I am quite aware of article 32.5.1 of the Code. But what completely slipped my attention in my review of Momiyama, 1927 were the statements “Collected by Mr. I Furuiti” and, especially, the even more compelling “The subspecific name is given in honour of Mr. I. Furuiti who collected this form for me” incorporated into the paper itself. I completely agree with the conclusion that this is sufficient internal evidence to justify the emendation to furuitii in accordance with the Code.

May 4     Discussion of correct spelling of Falco peregrinus fruitii, vs furuitii to Bird Forum

Mar 31    Time out to Myanmar and Eagles Nest; back May 3

Mar 25     Add Seram Masked Owl to PS list (Jønsson et al 2013)

Mar 25     Post draft of revised format for IOC Master List spreadsheet for comment

Mar 23     Revise  Lichenostomus (7 genera) as proposed by Nyári & Joseph (2011)

Mar 22     Adopt Sangster et al’s (2010) subfamily structure of the Muscicapidae

Mar 18     Delete Cipo Cinclodes from PS list (SACC 548); treat as subspecies of Long-tailed Cinclodes

Mar 17     Move  Myophonus,  Heinrichia, Heteroxenicus, Brachypteryx from Turdidae to Muscicapidae/Saxicolinae

Mar 17     Move Leonardina from Pellorneidae to Muscicapidae/Saxicolinae (Sangster et al 2010)

Mar 16     Lump Green-crowned Woodnymph (Thalurania fannyi) with Violet-crowned Woodnymph (T. colombica). Change English name of T. colombica to Crowned Woodnymph (SACC 558).

Mar 14     Post Peter Kovalik’s Master Spreadsheet that compares IOC 3.3 with Clements 6.7, TiF 2.85, BirdLife 5 and IBC/HBW list. All in 1 file!!!

Mar 12     Change English name of Thamnophilus atrinucha to Black-crowned Antshrike (SACC 570)

Mar 12     Accept Antioquia Wren (Lara et al 2012, SACC 562)

Mar 10     Subspecies and authority corrections and updates

Feb 28     Review of Zimmerius splits (Rheindt et al 2013) underway

Feb 27      Revision of Muscicapoidea underway (see Sangster et al 2010, Zuccon & Ericson 2010, TIF)

Feb 24      Defer splits of Elaenia sordida and Elaenia brachypterus pending vocals and more samples

Accept splits of Tepui Elaenia (Elaenia olivina) and Chilean Elaenia (E. chilensis); retain ‘Peruvian Elaenia (E. modesta) on PS list.

Feb 23      Accept/ADD Pincoya Storm Petrel  (Harrison et al Auk 2013)

Update genus (Laticilla) and family (Pellorneidae) of Rufous-vented Prinia (Olsson et al 2013)

Settle English names of Schiffornis splits

Start review of Elaenia PS taxa

Add Philippine Aethopyga spp to PS list

Add Otus jolandae to New/PS list

Feb 18       Final cleanup of 3.3

Jan 30       Away til Feb 17 (FG Panama/Mexico; DD Morocco, Canaries)

Jan 28          Release 3.3 spreadsheets

Jan 28          Review and Update PS list

Jan 26 -27  Update website to 3.3, including Master List web pages, with updates in red.

Jan 25          Finalize Updates and edit Master spreadsheet  3.3, highlighting updates in red

Jan 13          Add taxonomic notes to various subspecies in Master spreadsheet 3.3.

Jan 13          Add ssp holti  and nominate subspecies of Pale-browed Treehunter.


Dec 30           Revised Caprimulgidae posted for review and comment

Dec 29           Add Delta Amacuro Softtail to PS list

Dec 28           Accept split of African Spotted Creeper;  Add modifier – Indian Spotted Creeper

Dec 28           Accept Italian Sparrow

Dec 23          Remove Tibetan Grey  (Giant) Shrike (L. giganteus) and Northern Grey Shrike (L.borealis) from PS list; await          improved resolution of this complex.

Dec 18           Revised Accipitridae out for review

Dec 16           Revised Fringillidae 3.3 posted for comment (Updates/Taxonomy)

Nov 29          Accept split of Zeledon’s Antbird

Nov 26         Accept lumps of Sao Tome and Principe Kingfishers (=Malachite Kingfisher)

Nov 25         Review Clements 6.7 updates

Nov 25         Accept Andean Ibis and Two-banded Puffbird splits

Nov 24         Add Schiffornis and Drymophila splits (with provisional English names) and other SACC decisions

Nov 22         Draft  of revised Fringillidae classification ready for review

Nov 21          Initial posts of  provisional/draft updates for v3.3

Nov 17          Complete release of 3.3, including primary edits of html list pages

Nov 15          Separate 3.2 web page “Tanagers, Cardinals and allies” from “Buntings, Tanagers and allies”

Nov 15          Separate  3.2 web page “Babblers” from “Old World Warblers”

Nov 15          Restore  missing Scotocercidae, Erythrocercidae, Arcanatoridae to 3.2 web pages

Nov 14          Correct Range (3.3) of Elegant Euphonia to include full range of  E. e. elegantissima (including  E.e. vincens)

Nov 14          Correct Range (3.3) of Brown-necked Parrot to include ssp suahelicus

Nov 14          Restore Scopoli’s Shearwater  and Philippine Hawk-Owl splits to 3.2 html pages

Nov 13          Address 3.2 html web page issues

Oct 16            FG off to South Africa, back Nov 11

Oct 15            Start transition of website to 3.2; Master Files released

Oct 4              Finalize v3.2 files for release

Oct 4              Add Alta Floresta Antpitta and Snethlage’s Antpitta to Updates/New, Proposed Split

Oct 1               Add Zimmerius splits to Updates/Proposed Splits

Sept 22         Accept Scopoli’s Shearwater, split from Cory’s Shearwater; add to Updates/Species

Sept 21         Reject Terpsiphone incei as Proposed Split from T. paradisi; nDNA data needed to counter possibility of hybridization and introgression with T. atrocaudata (F.Rheindt, P. Rasmussen).

Sept 20        Change English name of Philippine Hawk-Owl to Luzon Hawk-Owl

Sept 20        Accept Philippine Hawk-Owl splits and 2 new species; add to Updates/Species

Sept 15         Accept Shiffornis splits, English names pending

Sept 13         Add Paradise Flycatcher revisions (4 splits, 1 lump) to Updates/PS

Sept 12        Accept Green-backed (Trilling?) Tailorbird to Master List; Resolve English Name

Sept 11        Add Brilliant Sunangel to Updates/PS

Sept 9         Add Sao Tome Kingfisher and Principe Kingfisher to Updates/PL

Sept 9         Add Seychelles Vasa Parrot to Updates/PS

Sept 9         Add Zeledon’s Antbird to Updates/PS

Sept 8         Change English name of Pied Fantail to Malaysian Pied Fantail

Sept 8         Change English name of Blue Fantail to Mindanao Blue Fantail

Sept 8         Accept 4 Philippine fantail (Rhipidura) splits on Updates/PS to Master List

Sept 6         Correct Blue-capped Ifrita to Blue-capped Ifrit

Sept 2         Add Brown-streaked Flycatcher to Master List

Sept 2         Add Philippine Hawk Owl splits to Updates/PS

Sept 1          Add Long-tailed Antbird splits to Updates/PS

Sept 1          Add Cipo Cinclodes to Updates/PS

Sept 1          Add Bahia Spinetail Synallaxis whitneyi to Updates/PL

Aug 30        Add Mindoro Racket-tail to Updates/PS

Aug 30?      Move Scotocercus from Incertae sedis to Scotocercidae, New Family

Aug 30?      Move Erythrocercus spp from Incertae sedis to Erythrocercidae, New Family

Aug 30        Change Scientific name of Moluccan Cuckoo to Cacomantis aeruginosus Salvadori, 1878

Aug 30        Reassign ssp aeruginosus from Rusty-breasted Cuckoo to Moluccan Cuckoo; Delete Bronze Brush Cuckoo       from Updates/PS

Aug 25        Revised Ranges of  Kentish Plover ssp  C.a.alexandrinus and C.a.dealbatus

Aug 25        Add Kentish Plover ssp C.a.nihonensis to Master List (Kennerly et al 2008)

Aug 23       Revised Ranges of  Clapper Rail ssp  R.l.waynei and R.l.pelodramus

Aug 20       Add Cebu Hawk Owl and Camiguen Hawk Owl to Updates/NEW