"Wisdom begins with putting the right name on a thing"
(Old Chinese Proverb)

Ranges Version 2

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.11 (Jan 2, 2012)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
67 Mountain Pygmy Owl Glaucidium gnoma Baja California, se Arizona to c Mexico
82 Sacred Kingfisher Todiramphus sanctus Breeding-Australia, New Zealand and islands in the region; Nonbreeding-Sumatra to New Guinea
91 Buff-spotted [Greater] Flameback Chrysocolaptes lucidus ec, s Philippines
127 Black Boubou Laniarius nigerrimus sc Somalia, coastal e Kenya
138 Javan [Short-tailed] Green Magpie Cissa thalassina Java
153 Japanese Bush Warbler Cettia diphone (incl canturians) Breeding -Sakhalin Is. to Japan and Ryukyu islands and e, c China; Nonbreeding – s, se China, Taiwan, se Asia
153 Manchurian Bush Warbler Cettia borealis Breeding: ne China, se Siberia and Korea. Nonbreeding :Taiwan, n Philippines
153 Indian [Rufous-rumped] Grassbird Graminicola bengalensis n and ne India, s Nepal, s Bhutan and n Bangladesh
191 Australian Pipit Anthus australis Australia and New Guinea (exiguus)

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.10 (Oct 18, 2011)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
14 Horned Curassow Pauxi unicornis c Bolivia
33 Hen [Northern] Harrier Circus cyaneus Breeding: Europe, c and n Asia; Non-breeding: s Asia, n Africa
39 Red-eyed Crake Porzana atra Henderson Island
52 Banggai (Maroon-chinned) Fruit Dove Ptilinopus subgularis Banggai Is
54 Pied Imperial Pigeon Ducula bicolor Southeast Asia to Philippines, Indonesia and w New Guinea
54 Torresian Imperial Pigeon Ducula spilorrhoa nw, ne, s, se New Guinea, n Australia
66 Philippine Scops Owl Otus  megalotis Luzon, Catanduanes and Marinduque, Philippines
66 (Northern) Barred Owl Strix varia se Alaska and s Canada through se, sc USA
109 Dull-mantled Antbird Myrmeciza laemosticta e Costa Rica and Panama
152 Grand Comoro Bulbul Hypsipetes parvirostris Grand Comoro Is. (Comoros)
154 Nightingale Reed Warbler Acrocephalus luscinius Guam (A. l. lucinius, extinct) and Aguiguan ( A. l. nijoi, probably extinct).
159 Rufous-throated Wren-Babbler Spelaeornis caudatus Nepal to ne India
184 Streaky-breasted Spiderhunter Arachnothera affinis Java, Bali

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.9 (July 10, 2011)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
22 Southern [Western] Rockhopper Penguin Eudyptes chrysocome Cape Horn to the Falkland Is;Kerguelen Is.; Subantarctic islands of New Zealand
37 Bar-winged Rail Nesoclopeus poecilopterus PO, not AU
62 Banded Fruit Dove Ptilinopus cinctus Bali, Lesser Sundas
83 Bllue-headed Bee=eater Merops muelleri s Cameroon to w Kenya
85 Chestnut-tipped Toucanet Aulacorhynchus derbianus se Colombia to ne Bolivia
85 Black-mandibled Toucan Ramphastos ambiguus se Honduras to w Ecuador (swainsonii), w Venezuela to c Peru (ambiguus)
132 Southern [Common] Fiscal Lanius collaris Namibia, sw Angola east to s Mozambique, Natal south to Cape Province,also ne, c, sw Tanzania, n Malawi
138 Transvolcanic [Mexican] Jay Aphelocoma ultramarina c Mexico from Colima east to Veracruz
155 Eurasian Reed Warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus Europe and nw Africa to c Asia; Arabian Peninsula, ne Africa
163 Principe White-eye Zosterops ficedulinus Principe (only)

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.8 (Mar 31,2011)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
14 Plain Chachalaca Ortalis vetula s Texas to nw Costa Rica
15 Crested Bobwhite Colinus cristatus Costa Rica through n SA
18 Cheer Pheasant Catreus wallichii OR not EU
24 Barolo [Macaronesian] Shearwater Puffinus baroli Azores, Madeira, Canary Is, but not Cape Verde Is (P. boydi)
25 Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus Add EU
28 (Western) Great Egret Ardea alba NA, SA, AF, EU, OR, AU; Worldwide
73 Curve-winged [Wedge-tailed] Sabrewing Campylopterus curvipennis ec Mexico from se San Luis Potosi to Veracruz, ne Puebla, n Oaxaca
86 Brown-headed Barbet Megalaima zeylanica Add Sri Lanka to the breeding range
91 Lesser Goldenback Dinopium benghalense Indian subcontinent; records in Burma doubtful (Rasmussen & Anderton 2005)
111 Black-faced Antthrush Formicarius analis Honduras through n Bolivia and Amazonian Brazil
129 Marshall’s Iora Aegithina nigrolutea Delete Pakistan from the breeding range; add Sri Lanka
130 Black-headed Cuckooshrike Coracina melanoptera Add Sri Lanka
133 Sikkim Wedge-billed Babbler Sphenocichla humei Endemic to India; does not occur in Burma
143 Fire-capped Tit Cephalopyrus flammiceps Breeding range erroneously includes central India, which is actually the wintering range for the species.
145 White-throated Bushtit Aegithalos niveogularis OR not EU
157 Green-crowned Warbler Seicercus burkii OR not EU
159 Nepal Wren-babbler Pnoepyga immaculata Breeding range should also include Indian Himalayas west of Nepal
159 Naga Wren-Babbler Spelaeornis chocolatinus Endemic to India; does not occur in Vietnam as given in the list
160 Common Babbler Turdoides caudata OR not EU
167 Kashmir Nuthatch Sitta cashmirensis OR not EU
173 Tickell’s Thrush Turdus unicolor OR not EU
176 White-browed Bush Chat Saxicola macrorhynchus Formerly present in Afghanistan and Pakistan; now restricted to nw India.
182 Purple-rumped Sunbird Leptocoma zeylonica Indian subcontinent; records in Burma doubtful (Rasmussen & Anderton 2005)
184 Sind Sparrow Passer pyrrhonotus OR not EU
193 Golden-rumped Euphonia Euphonia cyanocephala n Colombia to Trinidad and the Guianas, south to n Argentina, se Brazil, e Paraguay
202 White-browned [Stripe-headed] Brush Finch Arremon torquatus s Peru, Bolivia, Argentina (includes torquatus, fimbriatus, and borelli)
202 Black-headed Brush Finch Arremon atricapillus c, e Panama. Colombian Andes (includes atricapillus and tacarcunae)

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.7 (Dec 29,2010)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
56 Eastern Ground Parrot Pezoporus wallicus se Australia, Tasmania
68 Blyth’s Frogmouth Batrachostomus affinis N Thailand, s Burma, c Vietnam to peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
73 Wedge-tailed Sabrewing Campylopterus curvipennis ec Mexico,Yucatan to Guatemala and Belize;ne Honduras (repeat Update v2.3)
80 Guianan [Violaceous] Trogon Trogon violaceus s Venezuela, n Brazil, the Guianas, Trinidad
120 Western [Thick-billed] Grasswren Amytornis textilis w,s Australia
149 Yellow-throated Apalis Apalis flavigularis Malawi (endemic), not Mozambique
150 Olive-winged Bulbul Pynonotus plumosus s Burma and s Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, Greater Sundas
158 Swee Waxbill Coccopygia (Estrilda) melanotis AF, s
179 Verditer Flycatcher Eumyias thalassinus Himalayas to Southeast Asia, Sumatra & Borneo
204 Black-eared Hemispingus Hemispingus melanotis sw Venezuela to wc Bolivia
204 Western Hemispingus Hemispingus ochraceus sw Colombia, w Ecuador
204 Piura Hemispingus Hemispingus piurae sw Ecuador, nw Peru

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.6 (Oct 23, 2010)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
68 Javan Frogmouth Batrachostomus javensis w,c Java
69 [Eastern] Whip-poor-will Caprimulgus vociferus Nonbreeding: se USA, n Mexico to Costa Rica
91 Bay Woodpecker Blythipicus pyrrhotis Nepal to s Vietnam & se China,    peninsular Malaysia
94 {Javan] Banded Pitta Hydrornis [Pitta] guajanus Java
94 Red-bellied Pitta Erythropitta erythrogaster add Sula Is with lump of Sula Pitta
99 Warbling Doradito Pseudocolopteryx flaviventris se Brazil, Uruguay, n and c    Argentina; Winters to ne Argentina, Paraguay, e Bolivia.
121 White-naped Honeyeater Melithreptus lunatus e Australia
129 Grey-capped Cicadabird Coracina remota Bismarck Archipelago, Solomon Islands
131 White-throated Whistler Pachycephala vitiensis Santa Cruz Islands, Fiji
136 [Hawaii] Elepaio Chasiempis sandwichensis Hawaii, Hawaiian Is
141 Drakensberg Rockjumper Chaetops aurantius e South Africa, Lesotho
151 Grey-cheeked Bulbul Alophoixus bres Malay Peninsula to Greater Sundas
160 Streaked Laughingthrush Garrulax lineatus e Afghanistan, Baluchistan, and Himalayas of n Pakistan to n w  Bengal
161 Pied [White-browed] Shrike-babbler Pteruthius flaviscapis Java
161 Trilling     [Chestnut-fronted] Shrike-babbler Pteruthius aenobarbus Java
165 Malagasy [Madagascar] White-eye Zosterops maderaspatanus Madagascar, Comores, Aladabra
174 Cocoa Thrush Turdus fumigatus n, ne Amazonia, n Colombia    to Trinidad, Lesser Antilles in Grenada and St. Vincent [w past inclusion of Lesser Antillean Thrush to conform w AOU].
198 Epaulet Oriole Icterus cayanensis n,c SA

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.5 (July 4, 2010)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
39 Common    Moorhen Gallinula chloropus Eurasia,    Africa, Indian Ocean islands, s, se Asia to Philippines, n Mariana Is.
63 Horsfield’s Bronze Cuckoo Chrysococcyx basalis Non-breeding range: Papua New    Guinea, Greater and Lesser Sundas, Moluccas.
64 Rusty-breasted Cuckoo Cacomantis sepulcralis Malay    Peninsula to Philippines, Sulawesi and w, c Moluccas.
64 Eastern Barn Owl Tyto delicatula AU: Lesser Sundas, Australasia,    sw Pacific.
83 Amazonian Motmot Momotus momota  Amazonia    from se Colombia and the Guyanas to n Argentina
113 Buff-winged Cinclodes Cinclodes fuscus Breeding: c, s    Chile; c, s Argentina; Nonbreeding: s Brazil, Uruguay, nw Argentina
122 Makira Honeyeater Meliarchus sclateri Makira Is (se Solomon Islands).
136 Japanese Paradise Flycatcher Tersiphone atrocaudata Non-breeding range: se Asia and Philippines
138 California (Western) Scrub Jay Aphelocoma californica Washington state to Baja    California
161 Himalayan Cutia Cutia nipalensis ADD e Burma to n Indochina and s Yunnan. Peninsular Malaysia.
188 Red-headed Parrot-Finch Erythrura cyaneovirens DELETE “Fiji Islands”

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.4 (Mar 2010)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
17 Udzungwa Forest Partridge Xenoperdix udzungwensis Udzungwa Mountains  of s Tanzania
23 Fea’s Petrel Pterodroma feae Cape Verde Is, ranges e Atlantic
24 Audubon’s Shearwater Puffinus lherminieri North Atlantic and Caribbean
24 Macaronesian Shearwater Puffinus baroli Azores, Madeira, Canary Is, Cape Verde Is
25 Band-rumped Storm Petrel Oceanodroma castro e Japan, Hawaiian Is., Galapagos, e North Atlantic from the Azores    and Madeira to the Canary Islands, Ascension, St. Helena
34 Philippine Hawk-Eagle Nizaetus philippensis Luzon, Philippines (only) with    split of S. pinskeri
35 Pygmy Eagle (New Guinea Hawk-Eagle) Hieraaetus weiskei New Guinea, Halmahera, Seram
43 Subantarctic Snipe Coenocorypha aucklandica Restrict range to    “Antipodes Is., Auckland Is.” with splits of C. huegeli and C.    iredalei
49 Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove Macropygia amboinensis Sulawesi, Moluccas to New Guinea and its islands
57 Greater Vasa Parrot Coracopsis vasa Madagascar, Comoros Is
57 Lesser Vasa Parrot Coracopsis nigra Madagascar, Comoros Is, Seychelles Is (Praslin)
67 Brown Hawk-Owl Ninox scutulata ne Pakistan through s Asia,    Malaysia to Borneo & Palawan
86 Black-browed Barbet Megalaima oorti w Malaysia, Sumatra
88 Velasquez’s Woodpecker Melanerpes santacruzi e Mexico s to Nicaragua, islands off    Honduras
89 Gabon Woodpecker Dendropicus gabonensis s Nigeria, to Zaire, n Angola    & w Uganda
89 African Grey Woodpecker Dendropicus goertae Mauritania & Senegal to w Ethiopia to nw Tanzania, s    Gabon, nw Angola & s-central Zaire
111 Paramillo (formerly Paramo) Tapaculo Scytalopus canus w Colombia
125 South Island Kokako Callaeas cinereus South I, Stewart I., NZ.
125 South Island Saddleback Philesturnus carunculatus South I, NZ
127 Mountain Sooty Boubou Laniarius poensis se Nigeria, sw Cameroon, Bioko and Abertine Rift in Zaire, Uganda,    Burundi and Rwanda
127 Ethiopian Boubou Laniarius aethiopicus Eritrea, Ethiopia, nw Somalia; restricted range follows split of L. major.
154 Large-billed Reed Warbler Acrocephalus orinus Breeding Range (recently discovered Timmins    et al 2009) ne Afghanistan; Winter Range n India, sc Thailand
154 Winifred’s Warbler Scepomycter winifredae Uluguru Mts of E Tanzania
174 Forest Robin Stiphrornis erythrothorax w,c Africa
176 Siberian Stonechat Saxicola maurus Breeds e Caucuses, w Iran, c Siberia, c Asia, w, c China. Winters ne Africa; s Asia
176 African Stonechat Saxicoloa torquatus SW Arabian Peninsula,    sub-Saharan Africa
187 Black-faced    Firefinch Lagonosticta larvata Sudan & Ethiopia to w,c    Africa
196 Myrtle  Warbler Dendroica coronata c, e USA and Canada.

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.3 (Dec 2009)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
50 Bar-shouldered Dove Geopelia humeralis sc, se New Guinea,    n, e Australia
73 Wedge-tailed Sabrewing Campylopterus curvipennis ec Mexico,Yucatan to Guatemala and    Belize;ne Honduras
89 Golden-fronted Woopecker Melanerpes aurifrons Texas to sc Mexico
94 Gurney’s Pitta Pitta gurneyi Peninsular    Thailand, s Burma
126 Painted Quail-thrush Cinclosoma ajax w, s, se New    Guinea
154 Winifred’s Warbler Scepomycter winifredae ec Tanzania
154 Rodrigues Warbler Acrocephalus rodericanus Correct spelling to Rodrigues    Island
162 Spectacled Fulvetta Alcippe ruficapilla c,s China
162 Grey-cheeked Fulvetta Alcippe morrisonia Taiwan
166 Rufous-naped Wren Campylorhynchus rufinucha  c Veracruz,    Mexico
179 Green-backed (Chinese) Flycatcher Ficedula elisae NonBreeding Range to: Thailand,    Peninsular Malaysia, possibly South Korea
186 Rodrigues Fody Foudia flavicans Correct spelling to Rodrigues    Island
198 Hispaniolan (Greater Antillean)    Oriole Icterus dominicensis Hispaniola

RANGE UPDATES – IOC Version 2.2 (Aug 2009)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
46 Sandwich Tern Thalasseus sandvicensis Restrict range to EU, AF with    split of New World Cabot’s Tern
64 Himalayan Cuckoo Cuculus saturatus (Breeding) Himalayas to    Taiwan w split of C. optatus, (Nonbreeding) Indonesia, Philippines
84 Tickell’s Brown Hornbill Anorrhinus tickelli s Burma, sw    Thailand
139 Collared Crow Corvus pectoralis EU, OR
139 Violet Crow Corvus violaceus s Moluccas    to Seram
163 White-breasted (Greater    Rufous-headed) Parrotbill Paradoxornis ruficepts ne India, Bhutan    and adjacent s China
173 Olive Thrush Turdus olivaceus se AF, with    split of Abyssinian Thrush

RANGE UPDATES –  IOC Version 2.1 (May    2009)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
23 Waved Albatross Phoebastria irrorata Galápagos Is,    coastal Ecuador
23 Southern Royal Albatross Diomedea epomophora (Breeding) Campbell and Auckland Is.,    NZ; (Nonbreeding) widespread SO
23 Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross Thalassarche chlororhynchos AO, (Breeding)    Tristan da Cunha group, (Nonbreeding) widespread in SO
36 Crested Hawk-Eagle Nisaetus cirrhatus Himalayas, c,s    India & Sri Lanka to Greater Sundas & Philippines
90 Golden-olive Woodpecker Colaptes rubiginosus Mexico to Guyana,    nw Peru & nw Argentina
58 Olive-throated Parakeet Aratinga nana Mexico to w Panama,    also Jamaica
52 Banded Fruit Dove Ptilinopis cinctus Bali, Lesser    Sundas, n Australia.  [Not on    Java, range extension to n Australia with addition of P.c. alligator.]
46 Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus (Breeding) w Europe    to c Northern Siberia; also Greenland and Iceland, (Nonbreeding) n AF, sw Europe to nw India; also e NA
46 Caspian Gull Larus cacchinans (Breeding) c Eurasia    to ne China, (Nonbreeding ) sw, e Asia
18 Scaly-breasted    (=Chesnut-necklaced) Partridge Arborophila charltonii Malay Peninsula,    Sumatra, Borneo” with allocation of ssp tonkiensis to Green-legged Partridge.
67 Northern Pygmy Owl Glaucidium californicum w NA from se Alaska to s Baja
67 Mountain Pygmy Owl Glaucidium gnoma se Arizona to c    Honduras
69 Greater Antillean Nightjar Caprimulgus cubanensis Cuba, Hispaniola”
19 Malayan Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron malacense sw Thailand, w    Malaysia; records from Sumatra not valid (BLI)
31 Spotted Kestrel Falco moluccensis Moluccas, Sulawesi,    Lesser Sundas, Java & Bali
68 Large Frogmouth Batrachostomus auritus Malay Penin.,    Sumatra, Borneo
161 Himalayan Cutia Cutia nipalensis e,c Himalayas to sw Sichuan
184 Grey-breasted Spiderhunter Arachnothera modesta s Burma to s    Vietnam, Malay Penin., Borneo & Sumatra
142 Black-bibbed Tit Poecile hypermelaenus OR
174 White-tailed Alethe Alethe diademata w Africa from Senegambia to Togo.
174 Fire-crested Alethe Alethe castanea w,c Africa from Nigeria to Uganda.
156 Dusky Warbler Phylloscopus fuscatus ne Asia, wc    China”; ssp weigoldi reassgined to P. fuligiventer.
156 Smoky Warbler Phylloscopus fuligiventer e Himalayas, c, e    Tibetan Plateau
156 Tickell’s Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus affinis Himalayas;    range restriciton follows split of P. occisinensis
107 White-streaked Antvireo Dysithamnus leucostictus Add n Venezuela to Range
156 Mountain Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus trivirgatus Remove Philippines from range.
144 West African Swallow Cecropis domicella w Africa from    Senegambia to e Sudan
139 Large-billed Crow Corvus macrorhynchos EU, OR;e Eurasia    also c, s Malay Peninsula, Sundas, Philippines
139 Eastern Jungle Crow Corvus levaillantii n India to n Malay    Peninsula”.
132 Slaty Vireo Vireo brevipennis s Mexico”
131 Melanesian Whistler Pachycephala caledonica Santa Cruz Is.,    Vanuatu, New Caledonia
121 Helmeted Friarbird Philemon buceroides Lesser Sundas to n    Australia
153 Melanesian Thicketbird (formerly    Vanuatu Thicketbird) Megalurulus whitneyi Guadalcanal in the    se Solomon Is., n Vanuatu
153 Bougainville Thicketbird (formerly    Melanesian Thicketbird) Megalurulus llaneae Bougainville Is. in    the c Solomon Islands
192 Cape Canary Serinus canicollis s Africa, e    Zimbabwe
192 Yellow-crowned Canary Serinus flavivertex ne, e Africa, c    Angola
194 Red-mantled Rosefinch Carpodacus rhodochlamys c, nc Asia
194 Blyth’s Rosefinch Carpodacus grandis n Afghanistan to w    Himalayas
188 Cinderella Waxbill Estrilda thomensis w Angola, nw    Namibia
196 American Yellow Warbler Dendroica aestiva widespread in NA    through central plateau of Mexico
196 Mangrove Warbler Dendroica petechia extreme s US    through West Indies to coastal MA and SA
198 Mexican Cacique Cacicus melanicterus w Mexico to se    Guatemala
209 Large-billed Seed Finch Oryzoborus crassirostris n SA from w    Colombia and nw Ecuador to n Brazil
209 Great-billed Seed Finch Oryzoborus maximiliani n SA from e    Venezuela to n Brazil and se Brazil

RANGE UPDATES –  IOC Version 2.0 (January 2009)

Seq Species Scientific Name Update
40 Hottentot Buttonquail Turnix hottentatus South Africa
56 Horned Parakeet Eunymphicus cornutus AU, New Caledonia
84 Northern Red-billed Hornbill Tockus erythrorhynchus s Mauritania    through Somalia to ne Tanzania
123 Scarlet Myzomela Myzomela sanguinolenta e Australia
123 Red-headed Myzomela Myzomela erythrocephala s New Guinea, n    Australia
126 Fernando Po Batis Batis poensis AF; w,wc from    Liberia to n Gabon
136 Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone rufiventer AF; wc
145 Cape Clapper Lark Mirafra apiata sw Namibia, w, sc,    S. Africa
145 Black-browed Bushtit Aegithalos bonvaloti ne Burma, sw    China
164 Orange River White-eye Zosterops pallidus Namibia, nw South    Africa
179 Tanimbar Flycatcher Ficedula riedeli AU
181 Brown-throated Sunbird Anthreptes malacensis Burma to Java, also    Lesser Sundas & Sulawesi
209 White-collared Seedeater Sporophila torqueola NA,MA; s Texas to    Panama