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IOC English NameScientific NameRangeComments
  PHY : The Passeriformes, or perching birds, include the majority of world bird species; parrots are the sister group of the perching birds (Hackett et al. 2008)
New Zealand Wrens (4)
Family Acanthisittidae
  PHY : New Zealand wrens are sister to the rest of the Passeriformes
Rifleman Acanthisitta chloris  (Sparrman, 1787) AU : New Zealand  
        A. c. granti  Mathews & Iredale, 1913 North I.  
        A. c. chloris  (Sparrman, 1787) South I. and Stewart I.  
Bushwren Xenicus longipes †  (Gmelin, JF, 1789) AU : New Zealand
        X. l. stokesii †  Gray, GR, 1862 North I.  
        X. l. longipes 
†  (Gmelin, JF, 1789)
South I.  
        X. l. variabilis †  Stead, 1936 islands off Stewart I.  
New Zealand Rockwren Xenicus gilviventris  Pelzeln, 1867 AU : New Zealand  
Stephens Island Wren Xenicus lyalli †  (Rothschild, 1894) AU : Stephens I., NZ
Broadbills (20)
Family Eurylaimidae
  PHY : The broadbills (family Eurylaimidae) include both the asities of Madagascar and Sapayoa of the New World, and together are the sister group to the pittas (Pittidae) (Irestedt et al. 2006; Moyle 2006a); Retention of asities and Sapayoa in their own respec
African Broadbill Smithornis capensis  (Smith, A, 1839) AF : widespread  
        S. c. delacouri  Bannerman, 1923 Sierra Leone to Ghana  
        S. c. camarunensis  Sharpe, 1905 Cameroon, Gabon and Central African Republic  
        S. c. albigularis  Hartert, 1904 w Angola to Tanzania south to Zambia and Malawi  
        S. c. meinertzhageni  van Someren, 1919 ne DR Congo to w Kenya  
        S. c. medianus  Hartert & van Someren, 1916 c Kenya and ne Tanzania  
        S. c. suahelicus  Grote, 1926 se Kenya, e Tanzania and ne Mozambique  
        S. c. cryptoleucus  Clancey, 1963 e Zimbabwe to sw Tanzania to s Mozambique and ne South Africa  
        S. c. conjunctus  Clancey, 1963 ne Namibia to s Zambia and nw Mozambique  
        S. c. capensis  (Smith, A, 1839) e South Africa  
Grey-headed Broadbill Smithornis sharpei  Alexander, 1903 AF : c, wc  
        S. s. sharpei  Alexander, 1903 Bioko I. (Gulf of Guinea)  
        S. s. zenkeri  Reichenow, 1903 se Nigeria to n Gabon, nw Congo and sw Central African Republic  
        S. s. eurylaemus  Neumann, 1923 e DR Congo  
Rufous-sided Broadbill Smithornis rufolateralis  Gray, GR, 1864 AF : c, wc, w  
        S. r. budongoensis  van Someren, 1921 e DR Congo and w Uganda  
        S. r. rufolateralis  Gray, GR, 1864 Sierra Leone to n Angola and w DR Congo  
Green Broadbill Calyptomena viridis  Raffles, 1822 OR : Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo  
        C. v. caudacuta  Swainson, 1838 s Burma, sw Thailand and the Malay Pen.  
        C. v. viridis  Raffles, 1822 Borneo, Sumatra and nearby islands  
        C. v. siberu  Chasen & Kloss, 1926 Mentawai Is. (w of Sumatra)  
Hose's Broadbill Calyptomena hosii  Sharpe, 1892 OR : Borneo  
Whitehead's Broadbill Calyptomena whiteheadi  Sharpe, 1887 OR : Borneo  
Black-and-red Broadbill Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) OR : Southeast Asia, Sumatra, Borneo  
        C. m. affinis  Blyth, 1846 w and c Burma  
        C. m. malaccensis  Salvadori, 1874 se Burma to the Malay Pen. and s Vietnam  
        C. m. macrorhynchos  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) Sumatra, Borneo and nearby islands  
Long-tailed Broadbill Psarisomus dalhousiae  (Jameson, 1835) OR : widespread  
        P. d. dalhousiae  (Jameson, 1835) n India and Nepal to s China and c Vietnam  
        P. d. divinus  Deignan, 1947 s Vietnam  
        P. d. cyanicauda  Riley, 1935 se Thailand and Cambodia  
        P. d. psittacinus  (Müller, S, 1836) Malay Pen. and Sumatra  
        P. d. borneensis  Hartert, 1904 n Borneo  
Silver-breasted Broadbill Serilophus lunatus  (Gould, 1834) OR : widespread  
        S. l. rubropygius  (Hodgson, 1839) ne India to ne Burma  
        S. l. elisabethae  La Touche, 1921 c Burma to s China, nw Vietnam and ne Thailand  
        S. l. polionotus  Rothschild, 1903 Hainan I. (off se China)  
        S. l. lunatus  (Gould, 1834) s Burma and nw Thailand  
        S. l. impavidus  Deignan, 1948 s Laos  
        S. l. stolidus  Robinson & Kloss, 1919 Malay Pen. (except s)  
        S. l. rothschildi  Hartert & Butler, AL, 1898 s Malay Pen.  
        S. l. intensus  Robinson & Kloss, 1916 Sumatra  
Banded Broadbill Eurylaimus javanicus  Horsfield, 1821 OR : Southeast Asia to Java and Borneo  
        E. j. pallidus  Chasen, 1935 se Burma to s Vietnam and the Malay Pen.  
        E. j. harterti  van Oort, 1909 Sumatra, Riau Arch., Bangka and Belitung Is.  
        E. j. javanicus  Horsfield, 1821 Java  
        E. j. brookei  Robinson & Kloss, 1919 Borneo and n Natuna Is.  
Black-and-yellow Broadbill Eurylaimus ochromalus  Raffles, 1822 OR : Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo  
Wattled Broadbill Sarcophanops steerii  (Sharpe, 1876) OR : Philippines  
Visayan Broadbill Sarcophanops samarensis  Steere, 1890 OR : Philippines  
Dusky Broadbill Corydon sumatranus  (Raffles, 1822) OR : Southeast Asia, Sumatra, Borneo  
        C. s. laoensis  Meyer de Schauensee, 1929 s Burma to n Thailand and Indochina  
        C. s. sumatranus  (Raffles, 1822) Malay Pen. and Sumatra  
        C. s. brunnescens  Hartert, 1916 nw Borneo and n Natuna Is.  
        C. s. orientalis  Mayr, 1938 Borneo (except nw)  
Grauer's Broadbill Pseudocalyptomena graueri  Rothschild, 1909 AF : c  
Sapayoa Sapayoa aenigma  Hartert, 1903 LA : e Panama to nw Ecuador PHY, ENG : Sapayoa aenigma is a New World broadbill and moved into the family Eurylaimidae (Irestedt et al. 2006, Moyle et al. 2006, NACC 2008);Change English name from Broad-billed Sapayoa to just Sapayoa (NACC) with future consideration of “New World Broadbill“
Velvet Asity Philepitta castanea  (Statius Müller, 1776) AF : Madagascar  
Schlegel's Asity Philepitta schlegeli  Schlegel, 1867 AF : Madagascar  
Common Sunbird-Asity Neodrepanis coruscans  Sharpe, 1875 AF : Madagascar  
Yellow-bellied Sunbird-Asity Neodrepanis hypoxantha  Salomonsen, 1933 AF : Madagascar  
Pittas (33)
Family Pittidae
Eared Pitta Hydrornis phayrei  (Blyth, 1862) OR : Southeast Asia  TAX : Adoption of Hydrornis follows Irestedt et al (2006).
Blue-naped Pitta Hydrornis nipalensis  (Hodgson, 1837) OR : Nepal to Burma, s China, n Vietnam  
        H. n. nipalensis  (Hodgson, 1837) c Nepal, se Tibet and ne India to Bangladesh and Burma  
        H. n. hendeei  (Bangs & van Tyne, 1931) e Burma, n Thailand, Laos and n Vietnam  
Blue-rumped Pitta Hydrornis soror  (Ramsay, RGW, 1881) OR : Southeast Asia  
        H. s. tonkinensis  (Delacour, 1927) s China and n Vietnam  
        H. s. douglasi  (Ogilvie-Grant, 1910) Hainan I. (off se China)  
        H. s. petersi  (Delacour, 1934) c Laos and nc Vietnam  
        H. s. soror  (Ramsay, RGW, 1881) s Laos and c and s Vietnam  
        H. s. flynnstonei  (Rozendaal, 1993) se Thailand and s Cambodia  
Rusty-naped Pitta Hydrornis oatesi  Hume, 1873 OR : Southeast Asia  
        H. o. oatesi  Hume, 1873 e Burma to ne Laos and Thailand  
        H. o. castaneiceps  (Delacour & Jabouille, 1930) se China to c Laos and nw Vietnam  
        H. o. bolovenensis  (Delacour, 1932) s Laos and s Vietnam  
        H. o. deborah  (King, BF, 1978) c Malay Pen.  
Schneider's Pitta Hydrornis schneideri  (Hartert, 1909) OR : Sumatra  
Giant Pitta Hydrornis caeruleus  (Raffles, 1822) OR : Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo  
        H. c. caeruleus  (Raffles, 1822) Malay Pen. and Sumatra  
        H. c. hosei  (Baker, ECS, 1918) Borneo  
Blue-headed Pitta Hydrornis baudii  (Müller, S & Schlegel, 1839) OR : Borneo  
Blue Pitta Hydrornis cyaneus  (Blyth, 1843) OR : Southeast Asia  
        H. c. cyaneus  (Blyth, 1843) ne India, e Bangladesh and Burma to s China, Thailand, ne Laos and n and c Vietnam  
        H. c. aurantiacus  (Delacour & Jabouille, 1928) se Thailand and sw Cambodia  
        H. c. willoughbyi  (Delacour, 1926) c Laos to s Vietnam  
Bar-bellied Pitta Hydrornis elliotii  (Oustalet, 1874) OR : Southeast Asia  
Javan Banded Pitta Hydrornis guajanus  (Statius Müller, 1776) OR : Java ENG : CHANGE English name of Hydrornis guajanus to Javan Banded Pitta with splits of other two species
Malayan Banded Pitta Hydrornis irena  (Temminck, 1836) OR : Malay Peninsula, Sumatra AS : Malayan Banded Pitta is split from [Javan] Banded Pitta (Rheindt & Eaton 2010)
        H. i. ripleyi  (Deignan, 1946) nc Malay Pen. (Thailand)  
        H. i. irena  (Temminck, 1836) s Malay Pen. and Sumatra  
Bornean Banded Pitta Hydrornis schwaneri  (Bonaparte, 1850) OR : Borneo AS : Bornean Banded Pitta is split from [Javan] Banded Pitta (Rheindt & Eaton 2010)
Gurney's Pitta Hydrornis gurneyi  (Hume, 1875) OR : Peninsular Thailand, s Burma  
Whiskered Pitta Erythropitta kochi  (Brüggemann, 1876) OR : Philippines TAX : Adoption of Erythropitta follows Irestedt et al (2006).
Red-bellied Pitta Erythropitta erythrogaster  (Temminck, 1823) AU : Sulawesi, New Guinea, also Philippines TAX : Includes Sula Pitta (dohertyi) as subspecies per Rheindt et al (2010)
        E. e. erythrogaster  (Temminck, 1823) Philippine Is. (except Palawan group)  
        E. e. thompsoni  (Ripley & Rabor, 1962) Culion I. (w Philippines)  
        E. e. propinqua  (Sharpe, 1877) Palawan and Balabac Is. (sw Philippines)  
        E. e. inspeculata  (Meyer, AB & Wiglesworth, 1894) Talaud Is. (ne of Sulawesi)  
        E. e. caeruleitorques  (Salvadori, 1876) Sangihe I. (ne of Sulawesi  
        E. e. palliceps  (Brüggemann, 1876) Siau and Tahulandang (ne of Sulawesi)  
        E. e. celebensis  (Müller, S & Schlegel, 1845) Sulawesi, including Manterawu and Togian Is.  
        E. e. rufiventris  (Heine, 1860) n Moluccas  
        E. e. cyanonota  (Gray, GR, 1861) Ternate I. (n Moluccas)  
        E. e. obiensis  (Hachisuka, 1935) Obi I. (c Moluccas)  
        E. e. bernsteini  (Junge, 1958) Gebe I. (e of Halmahera)  
        E. e. rubrinucha  (Wallace, 1862) Buru I. (s Moluccas)  
        E. e. piroensis  (Muir & Kershaw, 1910) Seram I. (s Moluccas)  
        E. e. kuehni  (Rothschild, 1899) Kai Is. (sw of new Guinea)  
        E. e. aruensis  (Rothschild & Hartert, 1901) Aru Is. (sw of New Guinea)  
        E. e. digglesi  (Krefft, 1869) Cape York Pen. (ne Australia)  
        E. e. macklotii  (Temminck, 1834) w and s New Guinea  
        E. e. loriae  (Salvadori, 1890) extreme se New Guinea  
        E. e. habenichti  (Finsch, 1912) n New Guinea  
        E. e. finschii  (Ramsay, EP, 1884) D'Entrecasteaux Arch.  
        E. e. meeki  (Rothschild, 1898) Rossel I. (Louisiade Arch.)  
        E. e. gazellae  (Neumann, 1908) New Britain (Bismarck Arch.)  
        E. e. novaehibernicae  (Ramsay, EP, 1878) New Ireland (Bismarck Arch.)  
        E. e. extima  (Mayr, 1955) New Hanover (Bismarck Arch.)  
        E. e. splendida  (Mayr, 1955) Tabar I. (e of New Ireland)  
        E. e. dohertyi  (Rothschild, 1898) Banggai Arch. and Sula Is. (e of Sulawesi)  
Blue-banded Pitta Erythropitta arquata  (Gould, 1871) OR : Borneo  
Garnet Pitta Erythropitta granatina  (Temminck, 1830) OR : Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo  
        E. g. coccinea  (Eyton, 1839) Malay Pen. and Sumatra  
        E. g. granatina  (Temminck, 1830) Borneo (except n)  
Graceful Pitta Erythropitta venusta  (Müller, S, 1836) OR : Sumatra  
Black-crowned Pitta Erythropitta ussheri  (Gould, 1877) OR : Borneo  
Hooded Pitta Pitta sordida  (Statius Müller, 1776) OR, AU : Himalayas to New Guinea  
        P. s. cucullata  Hartlaub, 1843 n India to s China and Indochina  
        P. s. abbotti  Richmond, 1902 Nicobar Is.  
        P. s. mulleri  (Bonaparte, 1850) Malay Pen., Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Sulu Is.  
        P. s. bangkana  Schlegel, 1863 Bangka and Belitung Is. (e of Sumatra)  
        P. s. sordida  (Statius Müller, 1776) Philippine Is. (except Palawan group)  
        P. s. palawanensis  Parkes, 1960 Palawan group (w Philippines)  
        P. s. sanghirana  Schlegel, 1866 Sangihe Is. (ne of Sulawesi)  
        P. s. forsteni  (Bonaparte, 1850) n Sulawesi  
        P. s. goodfellowi  White, CMN, 1937 Aru Is. (off s New Guinea)  
        P. s. mefoorana  Schlegel, 1874 Numfor I. (off nw New Guinea)  
        P. s. rosenbergii  Schlegel, 1871 Biak I. (off nw New Guinea)  
        P. s. novaeguineae  Müller, S & Schlegel, 1845 w Papuan islands, New Guinea and Karkar I. (off n New Guinea)  
Ivory-breasted Pitta Pitta maxima  Müller, S & Schlegel, 1845 AU : n Moluccas  
        P. m. maxima  Müller, S & Schlegel, 1845 n Mol;uccas  
        P. m. morotaiensis  van Bemmel, 1939 Morotai (n Moluccas)  
Azure-breasted Pitta Pitta steerii  (Sharpe, 1876) OR : Philippines  
        P. s. coelestis  Parkes, 1971 Samar, Leyte and Bohol (ec Philippines)  
        P. s. steerii  (Sharpe, 1876) Mindanao (s Philippines)  
Superb Pitta Pitta superba  Rothschild & Hartert, 1914 AU : Admiralty Islands  
African Pitta Pitta angolensis  Vieillot, 1816 AF : e, se, wc, w  
        P. a. pulih  Fraser, 1843 Sierra Leone to w Cameroon  
        P. a. angolensis  Vieillot, 1816 sw Cameron to nw Angola  
        P. a. longipennis  Reichenow, 1901 se DR Congo to se Tanzania and south to ne South Africa  
Green-breasted Pitta Pitta reichenowi  Madarász, 1901 AF : c, wc  
Indian Pitta Pitta brachyura  (Linnaeus, 1766) OR : India  
Fairy Pitta Pitta nympha  Temminck & Schlegel, 1850 OR, EU : Japan and Korea to se China  
Blue-winged Pitta Pitta moluccensis  (Statius Müller, 1776) OR : Southeast Asia  
Mangrove Pitta Pitta megarhyncha  Schlegel, 1863 OR : Bangladesh to Malay Peninsula and Sumatra  
Elegant Pitta Pitta elegans  Temminck, 1836 AU : Lesser Sundas, s Moluccas  
        P. e. virginalis  Hartert, 1896 Tanahjampea, Kalaotoa, and Kalao (between Sulawesi and Flores)  
        P. e. vigorsii  Gould, 1838 islands sw of New Guinea  
        P. e. hutzi  Meise, 1942 Nusa Penida (se of Bali)  
        P. e. concinna  Gould, 1857 Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Adonara, Lomblen and Alor (Lesser Sundas)  
        P. e. maria  Hartert, 1896 Sumba (s Lesser Sundas)  
        P. e. elegans  Temminck, 1836 islands between e Sulawesi and w New Guinea  
Rainbow Pitta Pitta iris  Gould, 1842 AU : n Australia  
        P. i. iris  Gould, 1842 n Northern Territory  
        P. i. johnstoneiana  Schodde & Mason, 1999 nw Western Australia  
Noisy Pitta Pitta versicolor  Swainson, 1825 AU : e Australia  
        P. v. simillima  Gould, 1868 Cape York Pen. (ne Australia)  
        P. v. intermedia  Mathews, 1912 ne and c Queensland  
        P. v. versicolor  Swainson, 1825 se Queensland and ne New South Wales  
Black-faced Pitta Pitta anerythra  Rothschild, 1901 AU : Solomon Islands  
        P. a. anerythra  Rothschild, 1901 Bougainville I. (n Solomon Is.)  
        P. a. nigrifrons  Mayr, 1935 Choiseul I. (c Solomon Is.)  
        P. a. pallida  Rothschild, 1904 Santa Isabel I. (c Solomon Is.)  
Ovenbirds (307)
Family Furnariidae
  TAX : The ovenbird family Furnariidae includes the phylogenetically embedded woodcreepers, formerly separated as the family Dendrocolaptidae (SACC 132)
Campo Miner Geositta poeciloptera  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1830) SA : sc, se TAX : Geobates poecilopterus is assigned to Geositta (Cheviron et al. 2005, SACC)
Common Miner Geositta cunicularia  (Vieillot, 1816) SA : s, w  
        G. c. juninensis  Taczanowski, 1884 c Peru  
        G. c. titicacae  Zimmer, 1935 sc Peru, w Bolivia, n Chile and nw Argentina  
        G. c. frobeni  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1864) s Peru (Pacific slope)  
        G. c. georgei  Koepcke, 1965 Ica and w Arequipa (coastal s Peru)  
        G. c. deserticolor  Hellmayr, 1924 Arequipa (coastal s Peru) to n Chile  
        G. c. fissirostris  (Kittlitz, 1835) s Atacama to Llanquihué (c Chile)  
        G. c. contrerasi  Nores & Yzurieta, 1980 Sierra Grandes in Córdoba (wc Argentina)  
        G. c. hellmayri  Peters, JL, 1925 Malleco (ec Chile), w Argentina  
        G. c. cunicularia  (Vieillot, 1816) sc Brazil to e and s Argentina and s Chile  
Puna Miner Geositta punensis  Dabbene, 1917 SA : s Peru to nw Argentina  
Short-billed Miner Geositta antarctica  Landbeck, 1880 SA : s, w Argentina, s Chile  
Slender-billed Miner Geositta tenuirostris  (Lafresnaye, 1836) SA : c Ecuador to nw Argentina  
        G. t. kalimayae  Krabbe, 1992 c Ecuador  
        G. t. tenuirostris  (Lafresnaye, 1836) Peru, Bolivia and nw Argentina  
Greyish Miner Geositta maritima  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) SA : w Peru, n Chile  
Coastal Miner Geositta peruviana  Lafresnaye, 1847 SA : w Peru  
        G. p. paytae  Ménégaux & Hellmayr, 1906 nw Peru  
        G. p. peruviana  Lafresnaye, 1847 wc Peru  
        G. p. rostrata  Stolzmann, 1926 sw Peru  
Dark-winged Miner Geositta saxicolina  Taczanowski, 1875 SA : c Peru  
Rufous-banded Miner Geositta rufipennis  (Burmeister, 1860) SA : Bolivia, w Argentina, Chile  
        G. r. fasciata  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1864) w Bolivia and n and c Chile  
        G. r. harrisoni  Marin, Kiff & Peńa, 1989 n Chile (sw of Antofagasta)  
        G. r. rufipennis  (Burmeister, 1860) nw Argentina  
        G. r. giaii  Contreras, 1976 sw Argentina  
        G. r. ottowi  Hoy, G, 1968 c Argentina  
        G. r. fragai  Nores, 1986 wc Argentina  
        G. r. hoyi  Contreras, 1980 sw Argentina and s Chile  
Creamy-rumped Miner Geositta isabellina  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1864) SA : c Chile, wc Argentina  
Thick-billed Miner Geositta crassirostris  Sclater, PL, 1866 SA : w, sw Peru  
        G. c. fortis  von Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1901 sw Peru  
        G. c. crassirostris  Sclater, PL, 1866 w Peru  
Straight-billed Earthcreeper Ochetorhynchus ruficaudus  Meyen, 1834 SA : s Peru to c Chile and w Argentina PHY, TAX : Move Straight-billed Earthcreeper and Rock Earthcreeper from Upucerthia to Ochetorhynchus (Chesser et al 2007, Fjeldsā et al 2007, SACC 324)
        O. r. montanus  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) s Peru  
        O. r. famatinae  (Nores, 1986) n Argentina  
        O. r. ruficaudus  Meyen, 1834 w Bolivia, n Chile and nw Argentina  
Rock Earthcreeper Ochetorhynchus andaecola  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : Bolivia, n Chile, nw Argentina  
Band-tailed Earthcreeper Ochetorhynchus phoenicurus  (Gould, 1839) SA : s Argentina PHY, TAX, ENG : Move Band-tailed Eremobius from Eremobius to Ochetorhynchus; change English name to Band-tailed Earthcreeper (Chesser et al 2007, Fjeldsā et al 2007, SACC 324)
Crag Chilia Ochetorhynchus melanurus  (Gray, GR, 1846) SA : c Chile PHY, TAX : Move Crag Chilia from Chilia to Ochetorhynchus (Chesser et al 2007, Fjeldsâ et al 2007, SACC 324)
        O. m. atacamae  (Hellmayr, 1925) nc Chile  
        O. m. melanurus  (Gray, GR, 1846) c Chile  
Buff-breasted Earthcreeper Upucerthia validirostris  (Burmeister, 1861) SA : c Peru to nw Argentina  AL : Plain-breasted Earthcreeper U. jelskii is merged with Buff-breasted Earthcreeper U. validirostris ( SACC 572); subspecies revision to follow.
        U. j. saturata  Carriker, 1933 w Andes of c Peru  
        U. j. jelskii  (Cabanis, 1874) Andes of c Peru  
        U. j. pallida  Taczanowski, 1883 s Peru, w Bolivia, n Chile and nw Argentina  
        U. v. validirostris  (Burmeister, 1861) nw Argentina  
        U. v. rufescens  Nores, 1986 Sierra de Famatina (nw Argentina)  
White-throated Earthcreeper Upucerthia albigula  Hellmayr, 1932 SA : sw Peru, n Chile  
Scaly-throated Earthcreeper Upucerthia dumetaria  Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, I, 1832 SA : Southern Cone  
        U. d. peruana  Zimmer, 1954 s Peru  
        U. d. hypoleuca  Reichenbach, 1853 sw Bolivia, n and c Chile and w Argentina  
        U. d. dumetaria  Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, I, 1832 s Chile and c and s Argentina  
Patagonian Forest Earthcreeper Upucerthia saturatior  Scott, 1900 SA : wc Argentina, c Chile AS : Split from Scaly-throated Earthcreeper; differs in voice and habitat preference (Areta & Pearman 2009; SACC 393)
Striated Earthcreeper Geocerthia serrana  (Taczanowski, 1875) SA : Peru PHY, TAX : Striated Earthcreeper is not related to species in Upucerthia; separate to Geocerthia (Chesser et al 2009, SACC 424)
        G. s. serrana  (Taczanowski, 1875) wc Peru  
        G. s. huancavelicae  (Morrison, 1938) sw Peru  
Bolivian Earthcreeper Tarphonomus harterti  (von Berlepsch, 1892) SA : Bolivia  
Chaco Earthcreeper Tarphonomus certhioides  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : sc  
        T. c. luscinius  (Burmeister, 1860) w Argentina  
        T. c. estebani  (Wetmore & Peters, JL, 1949) sc Bolivia, n Argentina and w Paraguay  
        T. c. certhioides  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) ne Argentina  
Long-tailed Cinclodes Cinclodes pabsti  Sick, 1969 SA : se Brazil  
       C. p. espinhacensis  Freitas, Chaves, Costa, Santos & Rodrigues, 2012

Serra do Cipó in Minas Gerais

AL : Newly described taxon, regarded as a subspecies of C. pabsti following SACC 548
       C. p. pabsti  Sick, 1969

se Santa Catarina and ne Rio Grande do Sul

Blackish Cinclodes Cinclodes antarcticus  (Garnot, 1826) SA : Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Islands  
        C. a. maculirostris  Dabbene, 1917 Cape Horn Is  
        C. a. antarcticus  (Garnot, 1826) Falkland Is.  
Buff-winged Cinclodes Cinclodes fuscus  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : c, s Chile; c, s Argentina  
Chestnut-winged Cinclodes Cinclodes albidiventris  Sclater, PL, 1860 SA : n Andes from n Colombia and w Venezuela to Ecuador AS : Chestnut-winged Cinclodes is split from Cinclodes fuscus (Sanín et al 2009, SACC 415)
        C. a. heterurus  Madarász, 1903 w Venezuela  
        C. a. oreobates  Scott, 1900 n Colombia  
        C. a. albidiventris  Sclater, PL, 1860 n Ecuador to n Peru  
Cordoba Cinclodes Cinclodes comechingonus  Zotta & Gavio, 1944 SA : nc Argentina  
Cream-winged Cinclodes Cinclodes albiventris  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1861) SA : c Andes from n Peru to c Argentina AS : Cream-winged Cinclodes is split from Cinclodes fuscus (Sanin et al 2009, SACC 415)
        C. a. albiventris  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1861) n Peru to Bolivia, n Chile and nw Argentina  
        C. a. tucumanus  Chapman, 1919 Tucumán (nw Argentina)  
        C. a. riojanus  Nores, 1986 La Rioja (nw Argentina)  
        C. a. rufus  Nores, 1986 c Argentina  
        C. a. yzurietae  Nores, 1986 s Argentina  
Olrog's Cinclodes Cinclodes olrogi  Nores & Yzurieta, 1979 SA : nc Argentina  
Stout-billed Cinclodes Cinclodes excelsior  Sclater, PL, 1860 SA : Colombia to s Ecuador  
        C. e. columbianus  (Chapman, 1912) n Colombia  
        C. e. excelsior  Sclater, PL, 1860 sw Colombia to s Ecuador  
Royal Cinclodes Cinclodes aricomae  (Carriker, 1932) SA : s Peru  
White-winged Cinclodes Cinclodes atacamensis  (Philippi, 1857) SA : c Peru to wc Argentina  
        C. a. atacamensis  (Philippi, 1857) c Peru to Bolivia, n Chile and nw Argentina  
        C. a. schocolatinus  Reichenow, 1920 c Argentina  
White-bellied Cinclodes Cinclodes palliatus  (Tschudi, 1844) SA : c Peru  
Grey-flanked Cinclodes Cinclodes oustaleti  Scott, 1900 SA : Chile, w Argentina  
        C. o. oustaleti  Scott, 1900 Chile and w Argentina  
        C. o. hornensis  Dabbene, 1917 Cape Horn Is. and Tierra del Fuego  
        C. o. baeckstroemii  Lönnberg, 1921 Juan Fernandez I. (off c Chile)  
Dark-bellied Cinclodes Cinclodes patagonicus  (Gmelin, JF, 1789) SA : c, s Chile, w Argentina  
        C. p. chilensis  (Lesson, 1828) c Chile and w Argentina  
        C. p. patagonicus  (Gmelin, JF, 1789) s Chile and s Argentina  
Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes Cinclodes taczanowskii  von Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1892 SA : c, s Peru  
Chilean Seaside Cinclodes Cinclodes nigrofumosus  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : n, c Chile  
Lesser Hornero Furnarius minor  Pelzeln, 1858 SA : Amazon and tributaries  
Band-tailed Hornero Furnarius figulus  (Lichtenstein, 1823) SA : se Amazonia, e Brazil  
        F. f. pileatus  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1878 c Brazil  
        F. f. figulus  (Lichtenstein, 1823) e Brazil  
Pale-legged Hornero Furnarius leucopus  Swainson, 1838 SA : w, s Amazonia, e Brazil  
        F. l. leucopus  Swainson, 1838 sw Guyana and n Brazil  
        F. l. tricolor  Giebel, 1868 e Peru, w Brazil and n Bolivia  
        F. l. assimilis  Cabanis & Heine, 1859 e and s Brazil, se Bolivia  
Pacific Hornero Furnarius cinnamomeus  (Lesson, 1844) SA : w Ecuador, nw Peru AS : Furnarius cinnamomeus is split from F. leucopus (Ridgely & Greenfield 2001, Parker and Carr 1992); SACC 35 needs analysis
Caribbean Hornero Furnarius longirostris  Pelzeln, 1856 SA : n Colombia, nw Venezuela AS : Furnarius longirostris is split from F. leucopus (Ridgely & Greenfield 2001; Hilty 2003); SACC needs analysis
        F. l. longirostris  Pelzeln, 1856 n Colombia and nw Venezuela  
        F. l. endoecus  Cory, 1919 c Colombia and w Venezuela  
Bay Hornero Furnarius torridus  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1866 SA : w Amazon and tributaries  
Rufous Hornero Furnarius rufus  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) SA : e, sc, se  
        F. r. commersoni  Pelzeln, 1868 e Bolivia and w Brazil  
        F. r. schuhmacheri  Laubmann, 1933 s Bolivia  
        F. r. paraguayae  Cherrie & Reichenberger, 1921 Paraguay and n Argentina  
        F. r. rufus  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) s Brazil, Uruguay to c Argentina  
        F. r. albogularis  (von Spix, 1824) se Brazil  
Crested Hornero Furnarius cristatus  Burmeister, 1888 SA : sc  
Des Murs's Wiretail Sylviorthorhynchus desmursii  Des Murs, 1847 SA : c, s Chile, sw Argentina  
Thorn-tailed Rayadito Aphrastura spinicauda  (Gmelin, JF, 1789) SA : c, s Chile, sw Argentina  
        A. s. spinicauda  (Gmelin, JF, 1789) c Chile and w Argentina to Tierra del Fuego  
        A. s. bullocki  Chapman, 1934 Mocha I. (off Chile)  
        A. s. fulva  Angelini, 1905 Chiloé I. (off Chile)  
Masafuera Rayadito Aphrastura masafuerae  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1866) SA : Juan Fernandez Archipelago ENG : One word Masafuera is correct (SACC)
Brown-capped Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura fuliginiceps  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) SA : Bolivia to nw, wc Argentina  
        L. f. fuliginiceps  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) w Bolivia  
        L. f. paranensis  Sclater, PL, 1862 w Argentina  
Tawny Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura yanacensis  Carriker, 1933 SA : Peru to nw Argentina  
Tufted Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura platensis  Reichenbach, 1853 SA : sc, se  
Plain-mantled Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura aegithaloides  (Kittlitz, 1830) SA : s Peru through Southern Cone  
        L. a. grisescens  Hellmayr, 1925 coastal s Peru and n Chile  
        L. a. berlepschi  Hartert, 1909 altiplano of s Peru, w Bolivia, n Chile and nw Argentina  
        L. a. aegithaloides  (Kittlitz, 1830) c Chile  
        L. a. pallida  Dabbene, 1920 w and c Argentina and s Chile  
Striolated Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura striolata  (Pelzeln, 1856) SA : se Brazil  
Rusty-crowned Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura pileata  Sclater, PL, 1881 SA : Peru  
        L. p. cajabambae  Chapman, 1921 n and c Peru  
        L. p. pileata  Sclater, PL, 1881 wc Peru  
        L. p. latistriata  Koepcke, 1965 sc Peru  
White-browed Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura xenothorax  Chapman, 1921 SA : s Peru  
Streak-backed Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura striata  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1863) SA : w Peru to nw Chile  
        L. s. superciliaris  Hellmayr, 1932 wc Peru  
        L. s. albigularis  Morrison, 1938 sw Peru  
        L. s. striata  (Philippi & Landbeck, 1863) extreme sw Peru and nw Chile  
Andean Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura andicola  Sclater, PL, 1870 SA : w Venezuela to n Bolivia  
        L. a. certhia  (Madarász, 1903) w Venezuela  
        L. a. extima  Todd, 1916 Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        L. a. exterior  Todd, 1919 e Andes of c Colombia  
        L. a. andicola  Sclater, PL, 1870 c Andes of Colombia and Ecuador  
        L. a. peruviana  Chapman, 1919 Peru to n Bolivia  
Araucaria Tit-Spinetail Leptasthenura setaria  (Temminck, 1824) SA : se  
Perija Thistletail Asthenes perijana  (Phelps Jr, 1977) SA : n Colombia, nw Venezuela  
White-chinned Thistletail Asthenes fuliginosa  (Lafresnaye, 1843) SA : w Venezuela to c Peru  
        A. f. fuliginosa  (Lafresnaye, 1843) e Colombia, w Venezuela and n Ecuador  
        A. f. fumigata  Borrero, 1960 c Colombia  
        A. f. peruviana  (Cory, 1916) n Peru  
        A. f. plengei  (O'Neill & Parker, TA, 1976) c Peru  
Vilcabamba Thistletail Asthenes vilcabambae  (Vaurie, Weske & Terborgh, 1972) SA : s Peru  
        A. v. ayacuchensis  (Vaurie, Weske & Terborgh, 1972) n Ayacucho (s Peru)  
        A. v. vilcabambae  (Vaurie, Weske & Terborgh, 1972) Vilcabamba Mts. (s Peru)  
Ochre-browed Thistletail Asthenes coryi  (von Berlepsch, 1888) SA : w Venezuela  
Mouse-colored Thistletail Asthenes griseomurina  (Sclater, PL, 1882) SA : s Ecuador, n Peru  
Eye-ringed Thistletail Asthenes palpebralis  (Cabanis, 1873) SA : c Peru  
Puna Thistletail Asthenes helleri  (Chapman, 1923) SA : s Peru, n Bolivia  
Black-throated Thistletail Asthenes harterti  (von Berlepsch, 1901) SA : n, c Bolivia  
        A. h. harterti  (von Berlepsch, 1901) n Bolivia  
        A. h. bejaranoi  (Remsen, 1981) c Bolivia  
Itatiaia Spinetail Asthenes moreirae  (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1905) SA : se Brazil PHY, TAX : Itatiaia Spinetail Oreophylax belongs in Asthenes (SACC 434)
Sharp-billed Canastero Asthenes pyrrholeuca  (Vieillot, 1817) SA : Southern Cone  
        A. p. pyrrholeuca  (Vieillot, 1817) c and s Argentina  
        A. p. sordida  (Lesson, 1839) c and s Chile and wc Argentina  
Short-billed Canastero Asthenes baeri  (von Berlepsch, 1906) SA : se, sc  
        A. b. chacoensis  Brodkorb, 1938 sc Bolivia and nw Paraguay  
        A. b. baeri  (von Berlepsch, 1906) s Bolivia and w Paraguay to se Brazil, w Uruguay and c Argentina  
        A. b. neiffi  (Contreras, 1980) w Argentina  
Canyon Canastero Asthenes pudibunda  (Sclater, PL, 1874) SA : nw Peru to n Chile  
        A. p. neglecta  (Cory, 1916) nw Peru  
        A. p. pudibunda  (Sclater, PL, 1874) w Peru  
        A. p. grisior  Koepcke, 1961 sw Peru and n Chile  
Rusty-fronted Canastero Asthenes ottonis  (von Berlepsch, 1901) SA : sc Peru  
Maquis Canastero Asthenes heterura  (von Berlepsch, 1901) SA : n Bolivia to nw Argentina  
Cordilleran Canastero Asthenes modesta  (Eyton, 1852) SA : Peru through s Argentina  
        A. m. proxima  (Chapman, 1921) c and s Peru  
        A. m. modesta  (Eyton, 1852) sw Peru, w Bolivia, n Chile and nw Argentina  
        A. m. hilereti  (Oustalet, 1904) Tucumán and Catamarca (nw Argentina)  
        A. m. rostrata  (von Berlepsch, 1901) c Bolivia  
        A. m. serrana  Nores, 1986 wc Argentina  
        A. m. cordobae  Nores & Yzurieta, 1980 c Argentina  
        A. m. australis  Hellmayr, 1925 c Chile  
        A. m. navasi  (Contreras, 1979) s Chile and c and s Argentina  
Streak-throated Canastero Asthenes humilis  (Cabanis, 1873) SA : Peru, n Bolivia  
        A. h. cajamarcae  Zimmer, 1936 nw Peru  
        A. h. humilis  (Cabanis, 1873) c Peru  
        A. h. robusta  (von Berlepsch, 1901) s Peru and n Bolivia  
Rusty-vented Canastero Asthenes dorbignyi  (Reichenbach, 1853) SA : Bolivia to nw Argentina  
        A. d. consobrina  Hellmayr, 1925 w Bolivia  
        A. d. dorbignyi  (Reichenbach, 1853) c Bolivia and nw Argentina  
Dark-winged Canastero Asthenes arequipae  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1869) SA : sw Peru, w Bolivia, n Chile AS : Asthenes arequipae is split from A. dorbignyi (Ridgely & Tudor 1994); SACC 27 needs analysis to reconsider
Pale-tailed Canastero Asthenes huancavelicae  Morrison, 1938 SA : sc Peru AS : Asthenes huancavelicae is split from A. dorbignyi (Fjeldsâ & Krabbe (1990, Ridgely & Tudor 1994); SACC 27 needs analysis to reconsider
        A. h. usheri  Morrison, 1947 Apurimac (sc Peru)  
        A. h. huancavelicae  Morrison, 1938 Ancash, Huancavelico and Ayacucho (w and sc Peru)  
Berlepsch's Canastero Asthenes berlepschi  (Hellmayr, 1917) SA : nw Bolivia  
Cipo Canastero Asthenes luizae  Vieillard, 1990 SA : se Brazil  
Streak-backed Canastero Asthenes wyatti  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1871) SA : Venezuela to Peru  
        A. w. wyatti  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1871) e Andes of n Colombia  
        A. w. sanctaemartae  Todd, 1950 Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        A. w. perijana  Phelps Jr, 1977 ne Colombia and nw Venezuela  
        A. w. mucuchiesi  Phelps & Gilliard, 1941 Merida and Trujillo (w Venezuela)  
        A. w. aequatorialis  (Chapman, 1921) c Ecuador  
        A. w. azuay  (Chapman, 1923) s Ecuador  
        A. w. graminicola  (Sclater, PL, 1874) c and s Peru  
Puna Canastero Asthenes sclateri  (Cabanis, 1878) SA : Peru to nw Argentina  
        A. s. punensis  (von Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1901) s Peru and w Bolivia  
        A. s. cuchacanchae  (Chapman, 1921) c Bolivia and nw Argentina (Salta)  
        A. s. lilloi  (Oustalet, 1904) nw Argentina  
        A. s. sclateri  (Cabanis, 1878) Sierra de Córdoba (nc Argentina)  
        A. s. brunnescens  Nores & Yzurieta, 1983 Sierra de San Luis (c Argentina)  
Austral Canastero Asthenes anthoides  (King, 1831) SA : s Chile, sw Argentina  
Hudson's Canastero Asthenes hudsoni  (Sclater, PL, 1874) SA : se  
Line-fronted Canastero Asthenes urubambensis  (Chapman, 1919) SA : c Peru to w Bolivia  
        A. u. huallagae  (Zimmer, 1924) c Peru  
        A. u. urubambensis  (Chapman, 1919) s Peru and w Bolivia  
Many-striped Canastero Asthenes flammulata  (Jardine, 1850) SA : Colombia to c Peru  
        A. f. multostriata  (Sclater, PL, 1858) e Andes of Colombia  
        A. f. quindiana  (Chapman, 1915) c Andes of Colombia  
        A. f. flammulata  (Jardine, 1850) w Andes of s Colombia, Ecuador and extreme n Peru  
        A. f. pallida  Carriker, 1933 nw Peru  
        A. f. taczanowskii  (von Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1894) n and c Peru  
Junin Canastero Asthenes virgata  (Sclater, PL, 1874) SA : c, s Peru  
Scribble-tailed Canastero Asthenes maculicauda  (von Berlepsch, 1901) SA : s Peru, Bolivia, nw Argentina  
Dusky-tailed Canastero Pseudasthenes humicola  (Kittlitz, 1830) SA : n, c Chile  
        P. h. goodalli  (Marin, Kiff & Peńa, 1989) n Chile  
        P. h. humicola  (Kittlitz, 1830) nc Chile, Argentina (?)  
        P. h. polysticta  (Hellmayr, 1925) s Chile  
Patagonian Canastero Pseudasthenes patagonica  (d'Orbigny, 1839) SA : se Argentina  
Cactus Canastero Pseudasthenes cactorum  (Koepcke, 1959) SA : w Peru  
        P. c. cactorum  (Koepcke, 1959) coastal hills of w Peru  
        P. c. monticola  (Koepcke, 1965) w Andes of w Peru  
        P. c. lachayensis  (Koepcke, 1965) coastal hills of sw Peru  
Steinbach's Canastero Pseudasthenes steinbachi  (Hartert, 1909) SA : w Argentina  
Chotoy Spinetail Schoeniophylax phryganophilus  (Vieillot, 1817) SA : c, sc, se  
        S. p. phryganophilus  (Vieillot, 1817) Bolivia, s Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and n Argentina  
        S. p. petersi  Pinto, 1949 e Brazil  
White-whiskered Spinetail Synallaxis candei  d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838 SA : n Colombia, w Venezuela  
        S. c. candei  d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838 coastal n Colombia and w Venezuela  
        S. c. atrigularis  (Todd, 1917) Magdalena Valley (nc Colombia)  
        S. c. venezuelensis  Cory, 1913 ne Colombia and nw Venezuela  
Hoary-throated Spinetail Synallaxis kollari  Pelzeln, 1856 SA : n Brazil  
Ochre-cheeked Spinetail Synallaxis scutata  Sclater, PL, 1859 SA : c, sc SA, e Brazil  
        S. s. scutata  Sclater, PL, 1859 e and c Brazil  
        S. s. teretiala  (Oren, 1985) e Bolivia, sw Brazil and nw Argentina  
        S. s. whitii  Sclater, PL, 1881 Para (ec Brazil)  
Rufous Spinetail Synallaxis unirufa  Lafresnaye, 1843 SA : nw Venezuela to c Peru  
        S. u. munoztebari  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1953 Perijá Mts (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
        S. u. meridana  Hartert & Goodson, 1917 e Andes of Colombia and Andes of w Venezuela  
        S. u. unirufa  Lafresnaye, 1843 Andes of Colombia and e Ecuador  
        S. u. ochrogaster  Zimmer, 1935 Andes of Peru  
Black-throated Spinetail Synallaxis castanea  Sclater, PL, 1856 SA : n Venezuela  
Rusty-headed Spinetail Synallaxis fuscorufa  Sclater, PL, 1882 SA : n Colombia  
Rufous-capped Spinetail Synallaxis ruficapilla  Vieillot, 1819 SA : se  
Bahia Spinetail Synallaxis whitneyi  Pacheco & Gonzaga, 1995 SA : e Brazil TAX : Formerly Synallaxis cinerea, species name change S.whitneyi (Stopiglia & Raposo 2006, SACC 223)
Pinto's Spinetail Synallaxis infuscata  Pinto, 1950 SA : e Brazil  
Stripe-breasted Spinetail Synallaxis cinnamomea  Lafresnaye, 1843 SA : n Venezuela, Colombia  
        S. c. carri  Chapman, 1895 Trinidad  
        S. c. terrestris  Jardine, 1847 Tobago  
        S. c. cinnamomea  Lafresnaye, 1843 Perijá Mts (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
        S. c. aveledoi  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1946 e Andes of Colombia and Andes of w Venezuela  
        S. c. bolivari  Hartert, 1917 coastal range of n Venezuela  
        S. c. striatipectus  Chapman, 1899 coastal range of ne Venezuela  
        S. c. pariae  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1949 Paria Pen. (ne Venezuela)  
Grey-bellied Spinetail Synallaxis cinerascens  Temminck, 1823 SA : se  
Silvery-throated Spinetail Synallaxis subpudica  Sclater, PL, 1874 SA : Colombia  
Sooty-fronted Spinetail Synallaxis frontalis  Pelzeln, 1859 SA : e, c, sc  
        S. f. fuscipennis  von Berlepsch, 1907 e Bolivia and nw Argentina  
        S. f. frontalis  Pelzeln, 1859 e and s Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and n Argentina  
Azara's Spinetail Synallaxis azarae  d'Orbigny, 1835 SA : w Venezuela to nw Argentina  
        S. a. elegantior  Sclater, PL, 1862 e Colombia and w Venezuela  
        S. a. media  Chapman, 1914 w Colombia and n Ecuador  
        S. a. ochracea  Zimmer, 1936 e Ecuador and nw Peru  
        S. a. fruticicola  Taczanowski, 1880 Marañon Valley (n Peru)  
        S. a. infumata  Zimmer, 1925 n and c Peru  
        S. a. azarae  d'Orbigny, 1835 s Peru to c Bolivia  
        S. a. samaipatae  Bond & Meyer de Schauensee, 1941 s Bolivia  
        S. a. superciliosa  Cabanis, 1883 nw Argentina  
Apurimac Spinetail Synallaxis courseni  Blake, 1971 SA : c Peru  
Pale-breasted Spinetail Synallaxis albescens  Temminck, 1823 LA : Costa Rica to c Argentina  
        S. a. latitabunda  Bangs, 1907 sw Costa Rica to nw Colombia  
        S. a. insignis  Zimmer, 1935 n and c Colombia and w Venezuela  
        S. a. occipitalis  Madarász, 1903 Perijá Mts (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
        S. a. littoralis  Todd, 1948 coastal n Colombia  
        S. a. perpallida  Todd, 1916 extreme n Colombia and nw Venezuela  
        S. a. nesiotis  Clark, AH, 1902 Santa Marta region (ne Colombia) and n Venezuela  
        S. a. trinitatis  Zimmer, 1935 e Venezuela and Trinidad  
        S. a. josephinae  Chubb, 1919 s Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and n Brazil  
        S. a. inaequalis  Zimmer, 1935 French Guiana and ne Brazil  
        S. a. pullata  Ripley, 1955 w Brazil  
        S. a. griseonota  Todd, 1948 c Brazil  
        S. a. albescens  Temminck, 1823 e Brazil to e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
        S. a. australis  Zimmer, 1935 e Bolivia, w Paraguay and nw Argentina  
Rio Orinoco Spinetail Synallaxis beverlyae  Hilty & Ascanio, 2009 SA : Venezuela, e Colombia NEW : Synallaxis beverlyae is a newly described species found on scrub river islands (Hilty and Ascanio 2009)
Dark-breasted Spinetail Synallaxis albigularis  Sclater, PL, 1858 SA : w Amazonia  
        S. a. rodolphei  Bond, 1956 s Colombia and ne Ecuador  
        S. a. albigularis  Sclater, PL, 1858 se Colombia, e Ecuador, e Peru and w Brazil  
Cinereous-breasted Spinetail Synallaxis hypospodia  Sclater, PL, 1874 SA : s Amazonia, e Brazil  
Spix's Spinetail Synallaxis spixi  Sclater, PL, 1856 SA : se  
Ruddy Spinetail Synallaxis rutilans  Temminck, 1823 SA : Amazonia  
        S. r. caquetensis  Chapman, 1914 se Colombia, e Ecuador and ne Peru  
        S. r. confinis  Zimmer, 1935 nw Brazil  
        S. r. dissors  Zimmer, 1935 e Colombia, s Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        S. r. amazonica  Hellmayr, 1907 e Peru, n Bolivia and w and c Brazil  
        S. r. rutilans  Temminck, 1823 c and s Brazil  
        S. r. omissa  Hartert, 1901 ec Brazil  
        S. r. tertia  Hellmayr, 1907 ne Bolivia and sw Brazil  
Chestnut-throated Spinetail Synallaxis cherriei  Gyldenstolpe, 1930 SA : w, sc Amazonia  
        S. c. saturata  Carriker, 1934 e Peru  
        S. c. napoensis  Gyldenstolpe, 1930 se Colombia and e Ecuador  
        S. c. cherriei  Gyldenstolpe, 1930 c Amazonian Brazil  
Rufous-breasted Spinetail Synallaxis erythrothorax  Sclater, PL, 1855 MA : c  
        S. e. furtiva  Bangs & Peters, JL, 1927 se Mexico  
        S. e. erythrothorax  Sclater, PL, 1855 YucatanPen.(se Mexico) to nw Honduras  
        S. e. pacifica  Griscom, 1930 sw Mexico to El Salvador  
Slaty Spinetail Synallaxis brachyura  Lafresnaye, 1843 LA : nc Honduras to n Peru  
        S. b. nigrifumosa  Lawrence, 1865 nc Honduras to nw Colombia and nw Ecuador  
        S. b. griseonucha  Chapman, 1923 sw Ecuador and nw Peru  
        S. b. brachyura  Lafresnaye, 1843 Magdalena Valley (nc Colombia)  
        S. b. caucae  Chapman, 1914 Cauca Valley (c Colombia)  
Blackish-headed Spinetail Synallaxis tithys  Taczanowski, 1877 SA : sw Ecuador, nw Peru  
White-bellied Spinetail Synallaxis propinqua  Pelzeln, 1859 SA : w Amazon and tributaries  
McConnell's Spinetail Synallaxis macconnelli  Chubb, 1919 SA : ne, nc Amazonia  
        S. m. macconnelli  Chubb, 1919 s Venezuela and n Brazil  
        S. m. obscurior  Todd, 1948 Suriname, French Guiana and ne Brazil  
Dusky Spinetail Synallaxis moesta  Sclater, PL, 1856 SA : c Colombia to ne Peru  
        S. m. brunneicaudalis  Sclater, PL, 1858 se Colombia, e Ecuador and ne Peru  
        S. m. moesta  Sclater, PL, 1856 e Colombia  
        S. m. obscura  Chapman, 1914 se Colombia  
Cabanis's Spinetail Synallaxis cabanisi  von Berlepsch & Leverkühn, 1890 SA : c Peru to n Bolivia, c Brazil  
        S. c. cabanisi  von Berlepsch & Leverkühn, 1890 c and s Peru  
        S. c. fulviventris  Chapman, 1924 n and c Bolivia  
Plain-crowned Spinetail Synallaxis gujanensis  (Gmelin, JF, 1789) SA : Amazonia  
        S. g. columbiana  Chapman, 1914 e Colombia  
        S. g. gujanensis  (Gmelin, JF, 1789) e and s Venezuela through the Guianas to n and e Brazil  
        S. g. huallagae  Cory, 1919 se Colombia and e Ecuador through e Peru to n Bolivia  
        S. g. canipileus  Chapman, 1923 se Peru  
        S. g. inornata  Pelzeln, 1856 ne Bolivia and wc Brazil  
        S. g. certhiola  Todd, 1916 e Bolivia  
Maranon Spinetail Synallaxis maranonica  Taczanowski, 1879 SA : s Ecuador, n Peru  
White-lored Spinetail Synallaxis albilora  Pelzeln, 1856 SA : c  
        S. a. simoni  Hellmayr, 1907 wc Brazil  
        S. a. albilora  Pelzeln, 1856 e Bolivia, sw Brazil and n Paraguay  
Russet-bellied Spinetail Synallaxis zimmeri  Koepcke, 1957 SA : w Peru  
Necklaced Spinetail Synallaxis stictothorax  Sclater, PL, 1859 SA : sw Ecuador, nw Peru  
        S. s. chinchipensis  Chapman, 1925 sw Ecuador  
        S. s. maculata  Lawrence, 1872 s Loja (extreme sw Ecuador) and nw Peru  
        S. s. stictothorax  Sclater, PL, 1859 Marañon Valley (n Peru)  
Great Spinetail Siptornopsis hypochondriaca  (Salvin, 1895) SA : n Peru  
Red-shouldered Spinetail Gyalophylax hellmayri  (Reiser, 1905) SA : e Brazil  
White-browed Spinetail Hellmayrea gularis  (Lafresnaye, 1843) SA : nw Venezuela to c Peru  
        H. g. gularis  (Lafresnaye, 1843) Andes of Colombia, Ecuador and n Peru  
        H. g. brunneidorsalis  (Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1953) Perijá Mts (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
        H. g. cinereiventris  (Chapman, 1912) Andes of w Venezuela  
        H. g. rufiventris  (von Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1896) Andes of n and c Peru  
Marcapata Spinetail Cranioleuca marcapatae  Zimmer, 1935 SA : se Peru  
        C. m. weskei  Remsen, 1984 Vilcabamba Mts. (se Peru)  
        C. m. marcapatae  Zimmer, 1935 Marcapata (se Peru)  
Light-crowned Spinetail Cranioleuca albiceps  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) SA : s Peru to c Bolivia  
        C. a. albiceps  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) s Peru and w Bolivia  
        C. a. discolor  Zimmer, 1935 c Bolivia  
Rusty-backed Spinetail Cranioleuca vulpina  (Pelzeln, 1856) SA : Amazonia, c, e Brazil  
        C. v. apurensis  Zimmer & Phelps, 1948 w Venezuela  
        C. v. alopecias  (Pelzeln, 1859) e Colombia, c and s Venezuela and n Brazil  
        C. v. vulpina  (Pelzeln, 1856) w and c Brazil, ne Bolivia  
        C. v. foxi  Bond & Meyer de Schauensee, 1940 c Bolivia  
        C. v. reiseri  (Reichenberger, 1922) ne Brazil  
Coiba Spinetail Cranioleuca dissita  Wetmore, 1957 MA : Panama AS : Cranioleuca dissita is a distinct island endemic split from C.vulpina (Ridgely & Gwynne 1989, Ridgely & Tudor 1994, AOU 1998)
Parker's Spinetail Cranioleuca vulpecula  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1866) SA : w Amazon and tributaries  
Sulphur-bearded Spinetail Cranioleuca sulphurifera  (Burmeister, 1869) SA : se  
Crested Spinetail Cranioleuca subcristata  (Sclater, PL, 1874) SA : n Venezuela, Colombia  
        C. s. subcristata  (Sclater, PL, 1874) ne Colombia and n Venezuela  
        C. s. fuscivertex  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1955 Perijá Mts (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
Stripe-crowned Spinetail Cranioleuca pyrrhophia  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : sc, se  
        C. p. rufipennis  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1879) w Bolivia  
        C. p. striaticeps  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) c Bolivia  
        C. p. pyrrhophia  (Vieillot, 1818) s Bolivia to s Brazil, Uruguay and n Argentina  
Bolivian Spinetail Cranioleuca henricae  Maijer & Fjeldsā, 1997 SA : c Bolivia ENG : SACC name Bolivian Spinetail as proposed by describer is easier, if less specific than Inquisivi Spinetail
Olive Spinetail Cranioleuca obsoleta  (Reichenbach, 1853) SA : se  
Pallid Spinetail Cranioleuca pallida  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1831) SA : se Brazil  
Grey-headed Spinetail Cranioleuca semicinerea  (Reichenbach, 1853) SA : e Brazil  
        C. s. semicinerea  (Reichenbach, 1853) ne Brazil  
        C. s. goyana  Pinto, 1936 e Brazil  
Creamy-crested Spinetail Cranioleuca albicapilla  (Cabanis, 1873) SA : c, s Peru  
        C. a. albicapilla  (Cabanis, 1873) c Peru  
        C. a. albigula  Zimmer, 1924 s Peru  
Red-faced Spinetail Cranioleuca erythrops  (Sclater, PL, 1860) LA : Costa Rica to w Ecuador  
        C. e. rufigenis  (Lawrence, 1868) Costa Rica and w Panama  
        C. e. griseigularis  (Ridgway, 1909) e Panama and w and c Colombia  
        C. e. erythrops  (Sclater, PL, 1860) w Ecuador  
Tepui Spinetail Cranioleuca demissa  (Salvin & Godman, 1884) SA : Tepuis  
        C. d. cardonai  (Phelps Jr & Dickerman, 1980) s Venezuela  
        C. d. demissa  (Salvin & Godman, 1884) se Venezuela, wc Guyana and n Brazil (n Roraima)  
Streak-capped Spinetail Cranioleuca hellmayri  (Bangs, 1907) SA : n Colombia  
Ash-browed Spinetail Cranioleuca curtata  (Sclater, PL, 1870) SA : c Colombia to c Bolivia  
        C. c. curtata  (Sclater, PL, 1870) e Andes of Colombia  
        C. c. cisandina  (Taczanowski, 1882) e Andes of s Colombia, e Ecuador and n Peru  
        C. c. debilis  (von Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1906) Andes of c Peru to c Bolivia  
Line-cheeked Spinetail Cranioleuca antisiensis  (Sclater, PL, 1859) SA : sw Ecuador, n Peru  
        C. a. antisiensis  (Sclater, PL, 1859) sw Ecuador  
        C. a. palamblae  (Chapman, 1923) nw Peru  
Baron's Spinetail Cranioleuca baroni  (Salvin, 1895) SA : Peru  
        C. b. baroni  (Salvin, 1895) n Andes of Peru  
        C. b. capitalis  Zimmer, 1924 Huánuco (c Peru)  
        C. b. zaratensis  Koepcke, 1961 Pasco and Lima (sc and sw Peru)  
Speckled Spinetail Cranioleuca gutturata  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : Amazonia  
Scaled Spinetail Cranioleuca muelleri  (Hellmayr, 1911) SA : e Amazon  
Yellow-chinned Spinetail Certhiaxis cinnamomeus  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) SA : Colombia to Uruguay  
        C. c. fuscifrons  (Madarász, 1913) n Colombia  
        C. c. marabinus  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1946 ne Colombia and nw Venezuela  
        C. c. valencianus  Zimmer & Phelps, 1944 wc Venezuela  
        C. c. orenocensis  Zimmer, 1935 Orinoco Valley (e Venezuela)  
        C. c. cinnamomeus  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) Trinidad, ne Venezuela, the Guianas and ne Brazil  
        C. c. pallidus  Zimmer, 1935 se Colombia and w and c Amazonian Brazil  
        C. c. cearensis  (Cory, 1916) e Brazil  
        C. c. russeolus  (Vieillot, 1817) e Bolivia to se Brazil, Uruguay and n Argentina  
Red-and-white Spinetail Certhiaxis mustelinus  (Sclater, PL, 1874) SA : Amazon and tributaries  
Orinoco Softtail Thripophaga cherriei  von Berlepsch & Hartert, 1902 SA : sc Venezuela  
Striated Softtail Thripophaga macroura  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1821) SA : se Brazil  
Plain Softtail Thripophaga fusciceps  Sclater, PL, 1889 SA : w, c Amazonia  
        T. f. dimorpha  Bond & Meyer de Schauensee, 1941 e Ecuador, ne and se Peru  
        T. f. obidensis  Todd, 1925 c Brazil  
        T. f. fusciceps  Sclater, PL, 1889 n Bolivia  
Russet-mantled Softtail Thripophaga berlepschi  Hellmayr, 1905 SA : n Peru  
Rufous-fronted Thornbird Phacellodomus rufifrons  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1821) SA : widespread  
        P. r. peruvianus  Hellmayr, 1925 s Ecuador and n Peru  
        P. r. specularis  Hellmayr, 1925 ne Brazil  
        P. r. rufifrons  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1821) e Brazil  
        P. r. sincipitalis  Cabanis, 1883 e Bolivia, s Brazil, nc Paraguay and nw Argentina  
Plain Thornbird Phacellodomus inornatus  Ridgway, 1887 SA : n Colombia, n Venezuela AS : Phacellodomus inornatus is split from P. rufifrons (Ridgely & Greenfield 2001; Hilty 2003); SACC 41 needs publ. data
        P. i. inornatus  Ridgway, 1887 nc Venezuela  
        P. i. castilloi  Phelps Jr & Aveledo, 1987 ne Colombia and w and c Venezuela  
Little Thornbird Phacellodomus sibilatrix  Sclater, PL, 1879 SA : sc, se  
Streak-fronted Thornbird Phacellodomus striaticeps  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : s Peru to n Argentina  
        P. s. griseipectus  Chapman, 1919 s Peru  
        P. s. striaticeps  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) w Bolivia and nw Argentina  
Freckle-breasted Thornbird Phacellodomus striaticollis  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : se  
Spot-breasted Thornbird Phacellodomus maculipectus  Cabanis, 1883 SA : c Bolivia to nw Argentina  
Chestnut-backed Thornbird Phacellodomus dorsalis  Salvin, 1895 SA : n Peru  
Greater Thornbird Phacellodomus ruber  (Vieillot, 1817) SA : c  
Orange-eyed Thornbird Phacellodomus erythrophthalmus  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1821) SA : e Brazil  
Orange-breasted Thornbird Phacellodomus ferrugineigula  (Pelzeln, 1858) SA : se Brazil AS, ENG : Phacellodomus ferrugineigula is sympatric with and split from P.erythrophthalmus (Simon et al. 2008; BLI; SACC 371). SACC 396 renamed Orange-breasted Thornbird
Canebrake Groundcreeper Clibanornis dendrocolaptoides  (Pelzeln, 1859) SA : se  
Bay-capped Wren-Spinetail Spartonoica maluroides  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837) SA : se  
Wren-like Rushbird Phleocryptes melanops  (Vieillot, 1817) SA : w, Southern Cone  
        P. m. brunnescens  Zimmer, 1935 coastal w Peru  
        P. m. juninensis  Carriker, 1932 c Peru  
        P. m. schoenobaenus  Cabanis & Heine, 1859 s Peru, w Bolivia and nw Argentina  
        P. m. loaensis  Philippi Bańados & Goodall, 1946 coastal s Peru and n Chile  
        P. m. melanops  (Vieillot, 1817) s Brazil to c Chile and c Argentina  
Curve-billed Reedhaunter Limnornis curvirostris  Gould, 1839 SA : se  
Straight-billed Reedhaunter Limnoctites rectirostris  (Gould, 1839) SA : se  
Firewood-gatherer Anumbius annumbi  (Vieillot, 1817) SA : e, se  
Lark-like Brushrunner Coryphistera alaudina  Burmeister, 1860 SA : sc  
        C. a. campicola  Todd, 1915 se Bolivia and w Paraguay  
        C. a. alaudina  Burmeister, 1860 s Bolivia to s Brazil and n Argentina  
Spectacled Prickletail Siptornis striaticollis  (Lafresnaye, 1843) SA : Colombia to n Peru  
        S. s. striaticollis  (Lafresnaye, 1843) Colombia  
        S. s. nortoni  Graves, GR & Robbins, 1987 Ecuador and n Peru  
Orange-fronted Plushcrown Metopothrix aurantiaca  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1866 SA : w Amazonia  
Double-banded Greytail Xenerpestes minlosi  von Berlepsch, 1886 LA : e Panama, nw Colombia  
        X. m. minlosi  von Berlepsch, 1886 Caribbean slope of e Panama and n Colombia  
        X. m. umbraticus  Wetmore, 1951 Darien (e Panama) and nw Colombia to nw Ecuador  
Equatorial Greytail Xenerpestes singularis  (Taczanowski & von Berlepsch, 1885) SA : Ecuador to n Peru  
Rusty-winged Barbtail Premnornis guttuliger  (Sclater, PL, 1864) SA : nw Venezuela to c Peru  
        P. g. venezuelanus  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1956 nw Venezuela  
        P. g. guttuliger  (Sclater, PL, 1864) Colombia, Ecuador and Peru  
Spotted Barbtail Premnoplex brunnescens  (Sclater, PL, 1856) LA : Costa Rica to nw Venezuela and c Bolivia  
        P. b. brunneicauda  (Lawrence, 1865) Costa Rica and w Panama  
        P. b. albescens  Griscom, 1927 e Panama  
        P. b. coloratus  Bangs, 1902 Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        P. b. rostratus  Hellmayr & Seilern, 1912 n Venezuela  
        P. b. brunnescens  (Sclater, PL, 1856) Andes of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador to sc Peru  
        P. b. stictonotus  (von Berlepsch, 1901) Andes of s Peru and n Bolivia  
White-throated Barbtail Premnoplex tatei  Chapman, 1925 SA : ne Venezuela AS : See SACC, Pérez-Emán et al 2010 re species status of White-throated Barbtail
        P. t. tatei  Chapman, 1925 n Venezuela  
        P. t. pariae  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1949 ne Venezuela  
Roraiman Barbtail Roraimia adusta  (Salvin & Godman, 1884) SA : Tepuis PHY : Roraimia is not a barbtail, but groups with Thripophaga & Cranioleuca and is sister to Thripophaga (Irestedt et al. 2009, Moyle et al 2009, SACC needs proposal); resequence.
        R. a. obscurodorsalis  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1948 se Venezuela  
        R. a. mayri  (Phelps Jr, 1977) s Bolivar (se Venezuela)  
        R. a. duidae  Chapman, 1939 s Amazonas (s Venezuela)  
        R. a. adusta  (Salvin & Godman, 1884) e Venezuela, w Guyana and extreme n Brazil  
Pink-legged Graveteiro Acrobatornis fonsecai  Pacheco, Whitney, BM & Pedreira Gonzaga, 1996 SA : e Brazil  
Ruddy Treerunner Margarornis rubiginosus  Lawrence, 1865 MA : Costa Rica, Panama  
        M. r. rubiginosus  Lawrence, 1865 Costa Rica and w Panama  
        M. r. boultoni  Griscom, 1924 c Panama  
Star-chested Treerunner Margarornis stellatus  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1873 SA : Colombia, Ecuador  
Beautiful Treerunner Margarornis bellulus  Nelson, 1912 MA : e Panama  
Pearled Treerunner Margarornis squamiger  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : w Venezuela to Bolivia  
        M. s. perlatus  (Lesson, 1844) w Venezuela and Colombia to n Peru  
        M. s. peruvianus  Cory, 1913 n and c Peru  
        M. s. squamiger  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) s Peru and w Bolivia  
Caatinga Cacholote Pseudoseisura cristata  (von Spix, 1824) SA : e Brazil  
Grey-crested Cacholote Pseudoseisura unirufa  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : sc  
Brown Cacholote Pseudoseisura lophotes  (Reichenbach, 1853) SA : sc, se  
        P. l. lophotes  (Reichenbach, 1853) s Bolivia and w Paraguay  
        P. l. argentina  Parkes, 1960 n and c Argentina, se Brazil and Uruguay  
White-throated Cacholote Pseudoseisura gutturalis  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : Argentina  
        P. g. ochroleuca  Olrog, 1959 nw Argentina  
        P. g. gutturalis  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) c Argentina  
Buffy Tuftedcheek Pseudocolaptes lawrencii  Ridgway, 1878 MA : Costa Rica, Panama  
Pacific Tuftedcheek Pseudocolaptes johnsoni  Lönnberg & Rendahl, 1922 SA : Colombia, Ecuador AS : Pseudocolaptes johnsoni is split from P. lawrencii (Ridgely & Tudor 1994); SACC 28 needs publ. data
Streaked Tuftedcheek Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii  (Lafresnaye, 1840) SA : nw Venezuela to c Bolivia  
        P. b. striaticeps  Hellmayr & Seilern, 1912 n Venezuela  
        P. b. meridae  Hartert & Goodson, 1917 w Venezuela  
        P. b. boissonneautii  (Lafresnaye, 1840) Andes of Colombia and n Ecuador  
        P. b. orientalis  Zimmer, 1935 Andes of s Ecuador  
        P. b. intermedianus  Chapman, 1923 Andes of nw Peru (temperate zone)  
        P. b. pallidus  Zimmer, 1935 Andes of nw Peru (subtropical zone)  
        P. b. medianus  Hellmayr, 1919 Andes of n Peru s of the Marañon River  
        P. b. auritus  (Tschudi, 1844) Andes of c Peru  
        P. b. carabayae  Zimmer, 1936 Andes of s Peru to c Bolivia  
Point-tailed Palmcreeper Berlepschia rikeri  (Ridgway, 1887) SA : Amazonia  
Scaly-throated Foliage-gleaner Anabacerthia variegaticeps  (Sclater, PL, 1857) LA : sw Mexico to Ecuador  
        A. v. schaldachi  Winker, 1997 sw Mexico  
        A. v. variegaticeps  (Sclater, PL, 1857) s Mexico to w Panama  
        A. v. temporalis  (Sclater, PL, 1859) Colombia and Ecuador  
Montane Foliage-gleaner Anabacerthia striaticollis  Lafresnaye, 1840 SA : nw Venezuela to c Bolivia  
        A. s. anxia  (Bangs, 1902) Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        A. s. perijana  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1952 Perijá Mts (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
        A. s. venezuelana  (Hellmayr, 1911) n Venezuela  
        A. s. striaticollis  Lafresnaye, 1840 Andes of Colombia and w Venezuela  
        A. s. montana  (Tschudi, 1844) se Colombia and e Ecuador to c Peru  
        A. s. yungae  (Chapman, 1923) s Peru and w Bolivia  
White-browed Foliage-gleaner Anabacerthia amaurotis  (Temminck, 1823) SA : se Brazil  
Guttulate Foliage-gleaner Syndactyla guttulata  (Sclater, PL, 1858) SA : n Venezuela ENG : Change English name of Syndactyla guttulata, Guttulate is correct, not Guttulated (SACC 331)
        S. g. guttulata  (Sclater, PL, 1858) n Venezuela  
        S. g. pallida  Zimmer & Phelps, 1944 ne Venezuela  
Lineated Foliage-gleaner Syndactyla subalaris  (Sclater, PL, 1859) LA : Costa Rica to nw Venezuela and c Peru  
        S. s. lineata  (Lawrence, 1865) Costa Rica and w Panama  
        S. s. tacarcunae  (Chapman, 1923) e Panama and nw Colombia  
        S. s. subalaris  (Sclater, PL, 1859) w Colombia and w Ecuador  
        S. s. striolata  (Todd, 1913) e Andes of Colombia and w Andes of Venezuela  
        S. s. olivacea  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1956 SW T�chira (w Venezuela)  
        S. s. mentalis  (Taczanowski & von Berlepsch, 1885) e Ecuador  
        S. s. colligata  Zimmer, 1935 n Peru  
        S. s. ruficrissa  (Carriker, 1930) c Peru  
Buff-browed Foliage-gleaner Syndactyla rufosuperciliata  (Lafresnaye, 1832) SA : s Ecuador to nw Argentina, se SA  
        S. r. similis  (Chapman, 1927) nw Peru  
        S. r. cabanisi  (Taczanowski, 1875) s Ecuador and n Peru to c Bolivia  
        S. r. oleaginea  (Sclater, PL, 1884) c Bolivia to nw Argentina  
        S. r. rufosuperciliata  (Lafresnaye, 1832) se Brazil  
        S. r. acrita  (Oberholser, 1901) Paraguay, s Brazil, Uruguay and ne Argentina  
Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner Syndactyla ruficollis  (Taczanowski, 1884) SA : sw Ecuador, nw Peru  
Planalto Foliage-gleaner Syndactyla dimidiata  (Pelzeln, 1859) SA : sc TAX, SEQ : MOVE Planalto Foliage-gleaner from Phylidor to Syndactyla (Robbins & Zimmer 2005, SACC 198, BLI); note gender agreement
        S. d. dimidiata  (Pelzeln, 1859) sw Brazil  
        S. d. baeri  (Hellmayr, 1911) ne Paraguat and se Brazil  
Tepui Foliage-gleaner Syndactyla roraimae  (Hellmayr, 1917) SA : Tepuis TAX, SEQ : MOVE Tepui Foliage-gleaner from Automolus to Syndactyla after Planalto Foliage-gleaner (Zimmer et al. 2008, SACC 375 )
        S. r. paraquensis  (Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1947) sc Venezuela  
        S. r. duidae  (Chapman, 1939) Mt. Duida and Mt Yavi (sc Venezuela and n Brazil)  
        S. r. roraimae  (Hellmayr, 1917) Mt Roraima (se Venezuela, w Guyana and n Brazil)  
        S. r. urutani  (Phelps Jr & Dickerman, 1980) se Venezuela  
Peruvian Recurvebill Simoxenops ucayalae  (Chapman, 1928) SA : s, sw Amazonia  
Bolivian Recurvebill Simoxenops striatus  (Carriker, 1935) SA : w, c Bolivia  
Chestnut-winged Hookbill Ancistrops strigilatus  (von Spix, 1825) SA : w, c Amazonia  
Eastern Woodhaunter Hyloctistes subulatus  (von Spix, 1824) SA : Amazonia  
        H. s. lemae  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1960 sc and se Venezuela  
        H. s. subulatus  (von Spix, 1824) se Colombia, w Brazil and n Bolivia  
Western Woodhaunter Hyloctistes virgatus  (Lawrence, 1867) LA : e Nicaragua to w Ecuador AS : Hyloctistes virgatus is split from H.subulatus (Ridgely & Greenfield 2001; Hilty 2003); SACC 40 needs publ. data
        H. v. nicaraguae  Miller, W & Griscom, 1925 e Nicaragua  
        H. v. virgatus  (Lawrence, 1867) Costa Rica and w Panama  
        H. v. assimilis  (von Berlepsch & Taczanowski, 1884) e Panama to w Colombia and w Ecuador  
        H. v. cordobae  Meyer de Schauensee, 1960 nw Colombia  
Rufous-tailed Foliage-gleaner Philydor ruficaudatum  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) SA : Amazonia  
        P. r. ruficaudatum  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) Amazonian Brazil, e Ecuador, e Peru and n Bolivia  
        P. r. flavipectus  Phelps & Gilliard, 1941 se Colombia, s Venezuela, the Guianas and ne Brazil  
Slaty-winged Foliage-gleaner Philydor fuscipenne  Salvin, 1866 LA : Panama to w Ecuador  
        P. f. fuscipenne  Salvin, 1866 c Panama  
        P. f. erythronotum  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1873 e Panama to w Ecuador  
Rufous-rumped Foliage-gleaner Philydor erythrocercum  (Pelzeln, 1859) SA : Amazonia  
        P. e. subfulvum  Sclater, PL, 1862 se Colombia, e Ecuador and n Peru  
        P. e. ochrogaster  Hellmayr, 1917 c Peru to nc Bolivia  
        P. e. lyra  Cherrie, 1916 e Peru, ne Bolivia and Brazil s of the Amazon  
        P. e. suboles  Todd, 1948 se Colombia and nw Brazil  
        P. e. erythrocercum  (Pelzeln, 1859) the Guianas and Brazil ne of the Amazon  
Chestnut-winged Foliage-gleaner Philydor erythropterum  (Sclater, PL, 1856) SA : Amazonia  
        P. e. erythropterum  (Sclater, PL, 1856) s Venezuela through w Amazonia to ne Bolivia  
        P. e. diluviale  Griscom & Greenway, 1937 ec Brazil  
Ochre-breasted Foliage-gleaner Philydor lichtensteini  Cabanis & Heine, 1859 SA : se  
Alagoas Foliage-gleaner Philydor novaesi  Teixeira & Gonzaga, 1983 SA : e Brazil  
Black-capped Foliage-gleaner Philydor atricapillus  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1821) SA : se  
Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner Philydor rufum  (Vieillot, 1818) LA : Costa Rica to Venezuela and Bolivia, se SA  
        P. r. panerythrum  Sclater, PL, 1862 Costa Rica to the e Andes of Colombia  
        P. r. riveti  Ménégaux & Hellmayr, 1906 w Andes of Colombia and nw Ecuador  
        P. r. columbianum  Cabanis & Heine, 1859 n Venezuela  
        P. r. cuchiverus  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1949 s Venezuela  
        P. r. bolivianum  von Berlepsch, 1907 e Ecuador to c Bolivia  
        P. r. chapadense  Zimmer, 1935 sw Brazil  
        P. r. rufum  (Vieillot, 1818) e Brazil to e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Cinnamon-rumped Foliage-gleaner Philydor pyrrhodes  (Cabanis, 1849) SA : Amazonia  
Bamboo Foliage-gleaner Anabazenops dorsalis  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1880) SA : w, s Amazonia  
White-collared Foliage-gleaner Anabazenops fuscus  (Vieillot, 1816) SA : se Brazil  
Pale-browed Treehunter Cichlocolaptes leucophrus  (Jardine & Selby, 1830) SA : se Brazil  
        C. l. leucophrus  (Jardine & Selby, 1830)

se Brazil (s Bahia to Rio de Janeiro)

        C. l. holti  Pinto, 1941

se Brazil (São Paulo to Rio Grande do Sul)

ADD : Ridgely & Tudor, 1994. HBW 8, p. 340
Uniform Treehunter Thripadectes ignobilis  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1879) SA : Colombia, nw Ecuador  
Streak-breasted Treehunter Thripadectes rufobrunneus  (Lawrence, 1865) MA : Costa Rica, w Panama  
Black-billed Treehunter Thripadectes melanorhynchus  (Tschudi, 1844) SA : Colombia to c Peru  
        T. m. striaticeps  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1875) Colombia  
        T. m. melanorhynchus  (Tschudi, 1844) Ecuador and Peru  
Striped Treehunter Thripadectes holostictus  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1876) SA : c Colombia to c Bolivia  
        T. h. striatidorsus  (von Berlepsch & Taczanowski, 1884) sw Colombia and w Ecuador  
        T. h. holostictus  (Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1876) c Colombia to sw Venezuela, e Ecuador and n Peru  
        T. h. moderatus  Zimmer, 1935 c Peru to w Bolivia  
Streak-capped Treehunter Thripadectes virgaticeps  Lawrence, 1874 SA : n Venezuela to n Ecuador  
        T. v. klagesi  (Hellmayr & Seilern, 1912) n Venezuela  
        T. v. tachirensis  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1958 w Venezuela  
        T. v. magdalenae  Meyer de Schauensee, 1945 nw and c Colombia  
        T. v. sclateri  von Berlepsch, 1907 sw Colombia  
        T. v. virgaticeps  Lawrence, 1874 nw Ecuador  
        T. v. sumaco  Chapman, 1925 e Ecuador  
Flammulated Treehunter Thripadectes flammulatus  (Eyton, 1849) SA : w Venezuela to n Peru  
        T. f. bricenoi  von Berlepsch, 1907 w Venezuela  
        T. f. flammulatus  (Eyton, 1849) ne Colombia and sw Venezuela to Ecuador and n Peru  
Peruvian Treehunter Thripadectes scrutator  Taczanowski, 1874 SA : n Peru to nc Bolivia  
Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner Automolus ochrolaemus  (Tschudi, 1844) LA : s Mexico through Amazonia  
        A. o. cervinigularis  (Sclater, PL, 1857) s Mexico to Belize and Guatemala  
        A. o. hypophaeus  Ridgway, 1909 Honduras to nw Panama  
        A. o. exsertus  Bangs, 1901 sw Costa Rica to w Panama  
        A. o. pallidigularis  Lawrence, 1862 e Panama to Colombia and nw Ecuador  
        A. o. turdinus  (Pelzeln, 1859) Amazonia n of the Amazon  
        A. o. ochrolaemus  (Tschudi, 1844) sw Amazonia s of the Amazon  
        A. o. auricularis  Zimmer, 1935 c Brazil to ne Bolivia  
Olive-backed Foliage-gleaner Automolus infuscatus  (Sclater, PL, 1856) SA : w,n Amazonia  
        A. i. infuscatus  (Sclater, PL, 1856) se Colombia, e Ecuador, e Peru and nw Bolivia  
        A. i. badius  Zimmer, 1935 e Colombia, s Venezuela and nw Brazil  
        A. i. cervicalis  (Sclater, PL, 1889) se Venezuela, the Guianas and ne Brazil  
        A. i. purusianus  Todd, 1948 w Brazil  
Para Foliage-gleaner Automolus paraensis  Hartert, 1902 SA : sc Amazonian Brazil  
White-eyed Foliage-gleaner Automolus leucophthalmus  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1821) SA : e, se  
        A. l. leucophthalmus  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1821) e Brazil  
        A. l. sulphurascens  (Lichtenstein, 1823) s Brazil, e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Pernambuco Foliage-gleaner Automolus lammi  Zimmer, 1947 SA : ne Brazil AS : Automolus lammi is split from A. leucophthalmus (Zimmer 2008; SACC 369)
Brown-rumped Foliage-gleaner Automolus melanopezus  (Sclater, PL, 1858) SA : w, sw Amazonia  
Ruddy Foliage-gleaner Automolus rubiginosus  (Sclater, PL, 1857) LA : s Mexico to n Bolivia, ne Amazonia  
        A. r. guerrerensis  Salvin & Godman, 1891 sw Mexico  
        A. r. rubiginosus  (Sclater, PL, 1857) e Mexico  
        A. r. veraepacis  Salvin & Godman, 1891 s Mexico to Nicaragua  
        A. r. fumosus  Salvin & Godman, 1891 sw Costa Rica and w Panama  
        A. r. saturatus  Chapman, 1915 e Panama and nw Colombia  
        A. r. sasaimae  Meyer de Schauensee, 1947 w slope of the e Andes in c Colombia  
        A. r. nigricauda  Hartert, 1898 w Colombia and w Ecuador  
        A. r. venezuelanus  Zimmer & Phelps, 1947 s Venezuela  
        A. r. cinnamomeigula  Hellmayr, 1905 e slope of the e Andes of Colombia  
        A. r. caquetae  Meyer de Schauensee, 1947 se Colombia and ne Ecuador  
        A. r. brunnescens  Berlioz, 1927 e Ecuador  
        A. r. moderatus  Zimmer, 1935 n Peru  
        A. r. watkinsi  Hellmayr, 1912 se Peru and w Bolivia  
        A. r. obscurus  (Pelzeln, 1859) the Guianas and ne Brazil  
Chestnut-crowned Foliage-gleaner Automolus rufipileatus  (Pelzeln, 1859) SA : Amazonia  
        A. r. consobrinus  (Sclater, PL, 1870) n and w Amazonia  
        A. r. rufipileatus  (Pelzeln, 1859) Brazil s of the Amazon  
Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner Automolus rufipectus  Bangs, 1898 SA : n Colombia AS : Automolus rufipectus is resplit from A.rubiginosus (Ruddy Foliage-gleaner) based on voice and habitat; possibly belongs in Hylocryptus (Krabbe 2008, SACC 394)
Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner Hylocryptus erythrocephalus  Chapman, 1919 SA : sw Ecuador, nw Peru  
        H. e. erythrocephalus  Chapman, 1919 sw Ecuador and extreme nw Peru (Tumbes)  
        H. e. palamblae  Zimmer, 1935 NW Peru (Piura, Lambayeque)  
Henna-capped Foliage-gleaner Hylocryptus rectirostris  (zu Wied-Neuwied, 1831) SA : sc  
Tawny-throated Leaftosser Sclerurus mexicanus  Sclater, PL, 1857 LA : s Mexico through Amazonia, e Brazil  
        S. m. mexicanus  Sclater, PL, 1857 se Mexico to Honduras  
        S. m. pullus  Bangs, 1902 Costa Rica to w Panama  
        S. m. andinus  Chapman, 1914 e Panama and n Colombia to w Guyana  
        S. m. obscurior  Hartert, 1901 w Colombia and w Ecuador  
        S. m. peruvianus  Chubb, 1919 w Amazonia  
        S. m. macconnelli  Chubb, 1919 the Guianas and n Brazil  
        S. m. bahiae  Chubb, 1919 e Brazil  
Short-billed Leaftosser Sclerurus rufigularis  Pelzeln, 1868 SA : Amazonia  
        S. r. fulvigularis  Todd, 1920 s Venezuela through the Guianas to ne Brazil  
        S. r. furfurosus  Todd, 1948 n Brazil n of the Amazon  
        S. r. brunnescens  Todd, 1948 se Colombia and nw Brazil to e Ecuador and nw Peru  
        S. r. rufigularis  Pelzeln, 1868 e Peru, e Bolivia and w Brazil  
Grey-throated Leaftosser Sclerurus albigularis  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1869 LA : Costa Rica to w, n SA  
        S. a. canigularis  Ridgway, 1889 Costa Rica and w Panama  
        S. a. propinquus  Bangs, 1899 Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        S. a. albigularis  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1869 e Colombia, n Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago  
        S. a. zamorae  Chapman, 1923 e Ecuador and c Peru  
        S. a. albicollis  Carriker, 1935 se Peru and n Bolivia  
        S. a. kempffi  Kratter, AW, 1997 ne Bolivia  
Black-tailed Leaftosser Sclerurus caudacutus  (Vieillot, 1816) SA : Amazonia, e Brazil  
        S. c. caudacutus  (Vieillot, 1816) the Guianas  
        S. c. insignis  Zimmer, 1934 s Venezuela and n Brazil  
        S. c. brunneus  Sclater, PL, 1857 se Colombia, w Brazil and e Peru  
        S. c. olivascens  Cabanis, 1873 s Peru and n Bolivia  
        S. c. pallidus  Zimmer, 1934 nc Brazil (s of the Amazon)  
        S. c. umbretta  (Lichtenstein, 1823) e Brazil  
Rufous-breasted Leaftosser Sclerurus scansor  (Ménétries, 1835) SA : e Brazil, se SA  
        S. s. cearensis  Snethlage, E, 1924 ne Brazil  
        S. s. scansor  (Ménétries, 1835) e Brazil to e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Scaly-throated Leaftosser Sclerurus guatemalensis  (Hartlaub, 1844) LA : s Mexico to Colombia, w Ecuador  
        S. g. guatemalensis  (Hartlaub, 1844) s Mexico to Panamac  
        S. g. salvini  Salvadori & Festa, 1899 e Panama, w Colombia and w Ecuador  
        S. g. ennosiphyllus  Wetmore, 1951 c Colombia  
Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper Lochmias nematura  (Lichtenstein, 1823) SA : n, w, se  
        L. n. nelsoni  Aldrich, 1945 e Panama  
        L. n. chimantae  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1947 se Venezuela  
        L. n. castanonotus  Chubb, 1918 e Venezuela  
        L. n. sororius  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1873 n Venezuela and Colombia to Ecuador and ne Peru  
        L. n. obscuratus  Cabanis, 1873 ec Peru, Bolivia and nw Argentina  
        L. n. nematura  (Lichtenstein, 1823) se Brazil to e Paraguay, ne Argentina and Uruguay  
Sharp-billed Treehunter Heliobletus contaminatus  von Berlepsch, 1885 SA : se  
        H. c. contaminatus  von Berlepsch, 1885 se Brazil  
        H. c. camargoi  Cardoso da Silva & Stotz, 1992 extreme se Brazil, ne Argentina and e Paraguay  
Rufous-tailed Xenops Microxenops milleri  Chapman, 1914 SA : Amazonia PHY : Xenops milleri is basal to the Pygarrhicas-Ochetorhynchus lineage, restore to Microxenops; resquence (Moyle et al 2009, SACC 486)
Slender-billed Xenops Xenops tenuirostris  Pelzeln, 1859 SA : Amazonia  
        X. t. acutirostris  Chapman, 1923 se Colombia, s Venezuel and Guyana to e Ecuador and ne Peru  
        X. t. hellmayri  Todd, 1925 Suriname, French Guiana and extreme n Brazil  
        X. t. tenuirostris  Pelzeln, 1859 se Peru, n Bolivia and w Brazil  
Plain Xenops Xenops minutus  (Sparrman, 1788) LA : s Mexico through Amazonia, se SA  
        X. m. mexicanus  Sclater, PL, 1857 s Mexico to Honduras  
        X. m. ridgwayi  Hartert & Goodson, 1917 Nicaragua to c Panama  
        X. m. littoralis  Sclater, PL, 1862 e Panama and n Colombia to w Ecuador and nw Peru  
        X. m. neglectus  Todd, 1913 ne Colombia and n Venezuela  
        X. m. remoratus  Zimmer, 1935 e Colombia, s Venezuela and nw Brazil  
        X. m. ruficaudus  (Vieillot, 1816) e Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        X. m. olivaceus  Aveledo & Pons, 1952 ne Colombia  
        X. m. obsoletus  Zimmer, 1924 e Ecuador, e Peru, n Bolivia and w Brazil  
        X. m. genibarbis  Illiger, 1811 nc Brazil (s of the Amazon)  
        X. m. minutus  (Sparrman, 1788) e Brazil to e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Streaked Xenops Xenops rutilans  Temminck, 1821 LA : Costa Rica to Venezuela and Bolivia;  
        X. r. septentrionalis  Zimmer, 1929 Costa Rica and w Panama  
        X. r. incomptus  Wetmore, 1970 e Panama  
        X. r. heterurus  Cabanis & Heine, 1859 Colombia, n Venezuela, ne Ecuador and Trinidad  
        X. r. perijanus  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1954 Perijá Mts. (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
        X. r. phelpsi  Meyer de Schauensee, 1959 Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        X. r. guayae  Hellmayr, 1920 w Ecuador and nw Peru  
        X. r. peruvianus  Zimmer, 1935 e Ecuador to s Peru  
        X. r. connectens  Chapman, 1919 w Bolivia to nw Argentina  
        X. r. purusianus  Todd, 1925 s Amazonian Brazil  
        X. r. chapadensis  Zimmer, 1935 e Bolivia and sw Brazil  
        X. r. rutilans  Temminck, 1821 se Brazil, e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Great Xenops Megaxenops parnaguae  Reiser, 1905 SA : e Brazil  
White-throated Treerunner Pygarrhichas albogularis  (King, 1831) SA : c, s Chile, w Argentina  
Tyrannine Woodcreeper Dendrocincla tyrannina  (Lafresnaye, 1851) SA : w Venezuela to c Peru  
        D. t. tyrannina  (Lafresnaye, 1851) w, c Colombia to c Peru  
        D. t. hellmayri  Cory, 1913 ne Colombia, w Venezuela  
Plain-brown Woodcreeper Dendrocincla fuliginosa  (Vieillot, 1818) LA : se Honduras through Amazonia, e Brazil  
        D. f. ridgwayi  Oberholser, 1904 se Honduras to w Colombia, w Ecuador and nw Peru  
        D. f. lafresnayei  Ridgway, 1888 n and e Colombia, nw Venezuela  
        D. f. meruloides  (Lafresnaye, 1851) n Venezuela, Trinidad  
        D. f. deltana  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1950 Orinoco River delta (ne Venezuela)  
        D. f. barinensis  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1949 n Colombia and wc Venezuela  
        D. f. phaeochroa  von Berlepsch & Hartert, 1902 se Colombia and s Venezuela and nw Brazil  
        D. f. neglecta  Todd, 1948 e Ecuador, e Peru and w Brazil  
        D. f. atrirostris  (d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1838) se Peru, n and c Bolivia and sw Brazil  
        D. f. fuliginosa  (Vieillot, 1818) se Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        D. f. rufoolivacea  Ridgway, 1888 ec Brazil  
        D. f. trumaii  Sick, 1950 c Brazil  
Plain-winged Woodcreeper Dendrocincla turdina  (Lichtenstein, 1820) SA : e Brazil AS : Dendrocincla turdina is split from D.fuliginosa (Ridgely & Tudor 1994; Marantz et al. 2003); SACC 540 pending
        D. t. taunayi  Pinto, 1939 ne Brazil  
        D. t. turdina  (Lichtenstein, 1820) se Brazil  
Tawny-winged Woodcreeper Dendrocincla anabatina  Sclater, PL, 1859 MA : se Mexico to w Panama  
        D. a. anabatina  Sclater, PL, 1859 s Mexico to ne Nicaragua (Caribbean slope)  
        D. a. typhla  Oberholser, 1904 Yucatan Pen. (se Mexico)  
        D. a. saturata  Carriker, 1910 Costa Rica to w Panama (Pacific slope)  
White-chinned Woodcreeper Dendrocincla merula  (Lichtenstein, 1820) SA : Amazonia  
        D. m. bartletti  Chubb, 1919 c Colombia and c Venezuela to e Ecuador, e Peru, n Bolivia and w Brazil  
        D. m. merula  (Lichtenstein, 1820) The Guianas and extreme n Brazil  
        D. m. obidensis  Todd, 1948 nc Brazil n of the Amazon  
        D. m. remota  Todd, 1925 ec Bolivia  
        D. m. olivascens  Zimmer, 1934 Madeira River to the Tapajós River (sw Amazonian Brazil)  
        D. m. castanoptera  Ridgway, 1888 Tapajós River to the Tocantins River (sc Amazonian Brazil)  
        D. m. badia  Zimmer, 1934 Tocantins River to Maranh?o River (se Amazonian Brazil)  
Ruddy Woodcreeper Dendrocincla homochroa  (Sclater, PL, 1860) LA : s Mexico to nw Venezuela  
        D. h. homochroa  (Sclater, PL, 1860) s Mexico to Honduras  
        D. h. acedesta  Oberholser, 1904 sw Nicaragua, w Costa Rica and w Panama  
        D. h. ruficeps  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1868 Panama to nw Venezuela  
        D. h. meridionalis  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1953 Perijá Mts. (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
Long-tailed Woodcreeper Deconychura longicauda  (Pelzeln, 1868) LA : Honduras to Colombia, Amazonia  
        D. l. typica  Cherrie, 1891 Costa Rica and w Panama  
        D. l. darienensis  Griscom, 1929 e Panama  
        D. l. minor  Todd, 1919 n Colombia  
        D. l. longicauda  (Pelzeln, 1868) the Guianas and n Brazil  
        D. l. connectens  Zimmer, 1929 e Colombia and s Venezuela to e Ecuador, e Peru and nw Brazil  
        D. l. pallida  Zimmer, 1929 se Peru, n Bolivia and nw Brazil  
        D. l. zimmeri  Pinto, 1974 c Brazil  
Spot-throated Woodcreeper Deconychura stictolaema  (Pelzeln, 1868) SA : Amazonia PHY : Certhiasomus, a new genus of woodcreeper, is proposed for D. stictolaema, which is not sister to Long-tailed Woodcreeper (Derryberry et al 2010, SACC 435)
        D. s. clarior  Zimmer, 1929 French Guyana and ne Brazil  
        D. s. secunda  Hellmayr, 1904 s Colombia and s Venezuela to e Ecuador, e Peru and nw Brazil  
        D. s. stictolaema  (Pelzeln, 1868) c Brazil  
Olivaceous Woodcreeper Sittasomus griseicapillus  (Vieillot, 1818) LA : Mexico to ne Argentina  
        S. g. harrisoni  Sutton, 1955 ne Mexico  
        S. g. jaliscensis  Nelson, 1900 wc Mexico  
        S. g. gracileus  Bangs & Peters, JL, 1928 Yucatan Pen. (se Mexico) and Belize  
        S. g. sylvioides  Lafresnaye, 1850 se Mexico to Costa Rica  
        S. g. levis  Bangs, 1902 w Panama  
        S. g. veraguensis  Aldrich, 1937 c, e Panama  
        S. g. enochrus  Wetmore, 1970 n Colombia  
        S. g. perijanus  Phelps & Gilliard, 1940 Perijá Mts. (ne Colombia and nw Venezuela)  
        S. g. tachirensis  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1956 n Colombia and w Venezuela  
        S. g. griseus  Jardine, 1847 n Venezuela and Tobago  
        S. g. aequatorialis  Ridgway, 1891 w Ecuador and nw Peru  
        S. g. amazonus  Lafresnaye, 1850 se Colombia and s Venezuela to e Ecuador, e Peru and w Brazil  
        S. g. axillaris  Zimmer, 1934 se Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        S. g. viridis  Carriker, 1935 n and c Bolivia  
        S. g. viridior  Todd, 1948 e Bolivia  
        S. g. transitivus  Pinto & Camargo, 1948 c Brazil  
        S. g. griseicapillus  (Vieillot, 1818) s Bolivia, Paraguay, sw Brazil and nw Argentina  
        S. g. reiseri  Hellmayr, 1917 ne Brazil  
        S. g. olivaceus  zu Wied-Neuwied, 1831 e Brazil  
        S. g. sylviellus  (Temminck, 1821) se Brazil to ne Argentina  
Wedge-billed Woodcreeper Glyphorynchus spirurus  (Vieillot, 1819) LA : s Mexico through Amazonia, e Brazil  
        G. s. pectoralis  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1860 s Mexico to Nicaragua  
        G. s. sublestus  Peters, JL, 1929 Costa Rica to c Panama  
        G. s. subrufescens  Todd, 1948 e Panama, w Colombia and nw Ecuador  
        G. s. pallidulus  Wetmore, 1970 e Panama and nw Colombia  
        G. s. integratus  Zimmer, 1946 n Colombia and w Venezuela  
        G. s. rufigularis  Zimmer, 1934 c Colombia and s Venezuela to ne Ecuador and nw Brazil  
        G. s. amacurensis  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1952 ne Venezuela  
        G. s. spirurus  (Vieillot, 1819) e Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        G. s. coronobscurus  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1955 s Venezuela  
        G. s. castelnaudii  Des Murs, 1856 e Peru and w Brazil  
        G. s. albigularis  Chapman, 1923 se Peru and n and c Bolivia  
        G. s. inornatus  Zimmer, 1934 c Brazil  
        G. s. paraensis  Pinto, 1974 ne Brazil s of the Amazon  
        G. s. cuneatus  (Lichtenstein, 1820) ec Brazil  
Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper Drymornis bridgesii  (Eyton, 1849) SA : sc  
Long-billed Woodcreeper Nasica longirostris  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : Amazonia  
Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper Dendrexetastes rufigula  (Lesson, 1844) SA : Amazonia  
        D. r. devillei  (Lafresnaye, 1850) w Amazonia  
        D. r. rufigula  (Lesson, 1844) the Guianas and n Brazil  
        D. r. moniliger  Zimmer, 1934 wc Brazil  
        D. r. paraensis  Lorenz von Liburnau, L, 1895 ne Brazil s of the Amazon  
Red-billed Woodcreeper Hylexetastes perrotii  (Lafresnaye, 1844) SA : ne Amazonia  
Uniform Woodcreeper Hylexetastes uniformis  Hellmayr, 1909 SA : se Amazonia AS : Hylexetastes uniformis is split from H. perrotii (Ridgely & Tudor 1994, Silva et al. 1995 BLI; cf Marantz et al 2003); SACC needs proposal
Brigida's Woodcreeper Hylexetastes brigidai  Cardoso da Silva, Novaes & Oren, 1995 SA : nc Brazil AS : Hylexetastes brigidai was described by Silva et al. (1995); SACC needs proposal
Bar-bellied Woodcreeper Hylexetastes stresemanni  Snethlage, E, 1925 SA : w Amazonia  
        H. s. insignis  Zimmer, 1934 Uaupés River region (nw Brazil)  
        H. s. stresemanni  Snethlage, E, 1925 Rio Negro to the Amazon (nw Brazil)  
        H. s. undulatus  Todd, 1925 e Peru, n Bolivia and w Brazil  
Strong-billed Woodcreeper Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus  (Lesson, 1840) LA : s Mexico through Amazonia  
        X. p. omiltemensis  Nelson, 1903 sw Mexico  
        X. p. sclateri  Ridgway, 1890 e and se Mexico  
        X. p. emigrans  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1859 s Mexico to n Nicaragua  
        X. p. costaricensis  Ridgway, 1889 Costa Rica and sw Panama  
        X. p. panamensis  Griscom, 1927 s Panama  
        X. p. rostratus  Todd, 1917 lowlands of n Colombia  
        X. p. sanctaemartae  Hellmayr, 1925 Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        X. p. virgatus  Ridgway, 1890 c Colombia  
        X. p. macarenae  Blake, 1959 wc Colombia  
        X. p. promeropirhynchus  (Lesson, 1840) ec Colombia and w Venezuela  
        X. p. procerus  Cabanis & Heine, 1859 n and c Venezuela  
        X. p. tenebrosus  Zimmer & Phelps, 1948 se Venezuela and Guyana  
        X. p. neblinae  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1955 s Venezuela  
        X. p. ignotus  Ridgway, 1890 w Ecuador  
        X. p. crassirostris  Taczanowski & von Berlepsch, 1885 sw Ecuador and nw Peru  
        X. p. compressirostris  Taczanowski, 1882 n Peru  
        X. p. phaeopygus  von Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1896 c Peru  
        X. p. solivagus  Bond, 1950 e Peru  
        X. p. lineatocephalus  (Gray, GR, 1847) se Peru to c Bolivia  
        X. p. orenocensis  von Berlepsch & Hartert, 1902 C Colombia and S Venezuela to ne Ecuador, ne Peru and nw Brazil  
        X. p. berlepschi  Snethlage, E, 1908 w Brazil  
        X. p. paraensis  Pinto, 1945 c Brazil  
        X. p. obsoletus  Todd, 1917 n and e Bolivia  
        X. p. carajaensis  Cardoso da Silva, Novaes & Oren, 2002 ne Brazil s of the Amazon  
White-throated Woodcreeper Xiphocolaptes albicollis  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : se  
        X. a. bahiae  Cory, 1919 e Brazil  
        X. a. villanovae  Lima, 1920 ne Brazil  
        X. a. albicollis  (Vieillot, 1818) se and s Brazil, e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Moustached Woodcreeper Xiphocolaptes falcirostris  (von Spix, 1824) SA : e Brazil  
        X. f. falcirostris  (von Spix, 1824) ne Brazil  
        X. f. franciscanus  Snethlage, E, 1927 e Brazil  
Great Rufous Woodcreeper Xiphocolaptes major  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : sc  
        X. m. remoratus  Pinto, 1945 sw Brazil  
        X. m. castaneus  Ridgway, 1890 e and s Bolivia, s Brazil and nw Argentina  
        X. m. estebani  Cardoso da Silva, Novaes & Oren, 1991 nw Argentina  
        X. m. major  (Vieillot, 1818) Paraguay and n Argentina  
Northern Barred Woodcreeper Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae  (Lafresnaye, 1852) LA : s Mexico to nw Ecuador  
        D. s. sheffleri  Binford, 1965 sw Mexico  
        D. s. sanctithomae  (Lafresnaye, 1852) s Mexico to n and w Colombia  
        D. s. hesperius  Bangs, 1907 sw Costa Rica and w Panama  
        D. s. punctipectus  Phelps & Gilliard, 1940 n Colombia and nw Venezuela  
Amazonian Barred Woodcreeper Dendrocolaptes certhia  (Boddaert, 1783) SA : Amazonia  
        D. c. certhia  (Boddaert, 1783) e Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        D. c. radiolatus  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1868 se Colombia, e Ecuador, ne Peru and nw Brazil  
        D. c. juruanus  von Ihering, H, 1905 e Peru, n Bolivia and w Brazil  
        D. c. polyzonus  Todd, 1913 se Peru, w and c Bolivia  
        D. c. medius  Todd, 1920 ne Brazil s of the Amazon  
        D. c. concolor  Pelzeln, 1868 ne Bolivia and sc Brazil  
Hoffmanns's Woodcreeper Dendrocolaptes hoffmannsi  Hellmayr, 1909 SA : sc Amazonia ENG : Named after W. Hoffmanns, a German collector in Peru and Brazil, not Carl Hoffmann, a German explorer and naturalist in Costa Rica..
Black-banded Woodcreeper Dendrocolaptes picumnus  Lichtenstein, 1820 LA : s Mexico to nw Argentina  
        D. p. puncticollis  Sclater, PL & Salvin, 1868 s Mexico to Honduras  
        D. p. costaricensis  Ridgway, 1909 Costa Rica and w Panama  
        D. p. multistrigatus  Eyton, 1851 e Colombia and w Venezuela  
        D. p. seilerni  Hartert & Goodson, 1917 n Colombia and n Venezuela  
        D. p. picumnus  Lichtenstein, 1820 e Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        D. p. validus  Tschudi, 1844 w Amazonia  
        D. p. transfasciatus  Todd, 1925 sc Brazil  
        D. p. olivaceus  Zimmer, 1934 w and c Bolivia  
        D. p. pallescens  Pelzeln, 1868 e Bolivia, s Brazil and w Paraguay  
        D. p. casaresi  Steullet & Deautier, 1950 nw Argentina  
Planalto Woodcreeper Dendrocolaptes platyrostris  von Spix, 1824 SA : e Brazil, se SA  
        D. p. intermedius  von Berlepsch, 1883 ne Brazul to ne Paraguay  
        D. p. platyrostris  von Spix, 1824 e and se Brazil to e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Straight-billed Woodcreeper Dendroplex picus  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) LA : Panama to e Brazil  
        D. p. extimus  Griscom, 1927 c and e Panama, nw Colombia  
        D. p. dugandi  Wetmore & Phelps, 1946 n Colombia  
        D. p. picirostris  Lafresnaye, 1847 n Colombia and extreme nw Venezuela  
        D. p. saturatior  Hellmayr, 1925 e Colombia and w Venezuela  
        D. p. borreroi  Meyer de Schauensee, 1959 sw Colombia  
        D. p. choicus  Wetmore & Phelps, 1946 n Venezuela  
        D. p. paraguanae  (Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1962) nw Venezuela  
        D. p. longirostris  Richmond, 1896 Margarita Island (off Venezuela)  
        D. p. altirostris  (Leotaud, 1866) Trinidad  
        D. p. phalarus  Wetmore, 1939 c and n Venezuela  
        D. p. deltanus  (Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1952) ne Venezuela  
        D. p. picus  (Gmelin, JF, 1788) e Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        D. p. duidae  Zimmer, 1934 e Colombia, s Venezuela and nw Brazil  
        D. p. peruvianus  Zimmer, 1934 e Peru, n Bolivia and w Brazil  
        D. p. rufescens  Todd, 1948 c Brazil  
        D. p. bahiae  Bangs & Penard, TE, 1921 ne Brazil  
Zimmer's Woodcreeper Dendroplex kienerii  (Des Murs, 1856) SA : Amazon and tributaries  
Striped Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus obsoletus  (Lichtenstein, 1820) SA : Amazonia  
        X. o. palliatus  (Des Murs, 1856) w Amazonia  
        X. o. notatus  (Eyton, 1852) e Colombia, sw Venezuela and nw Brazil  
        X. o. obsoletus  (Lichtenstein, 1820) e Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        X. o. caicarae  Zimmer & Phelps, 1955 c Venezuela  
Lesser Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus fuscus  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : e, se  
        X. f. atlanticus  (Cory, 1916) ne Brazil  
        X. f. pintoi  Longmore & Silveira, 2005 w Bahia (e Brazil)  
        X. f. tenuirostris  (Lichtenstein, 1820) coastal e Brazil  
        X. f. fuscus  (Vieillot, 1818) se Brazil, e Paraguay and ne Argentina  
Ocellated Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus ocellatus  (von Spix, 1824) SA : nw Amazonia  
        X. o. lineatocapilla  (von Berlepsch & Leverkühn, 1890) Orinoco River? (Venezuela)  
        X. o. beauperthuysii  (Pucheran & Lafresnaye, 1850) se Colombia and sw Venezuela to e Ecuador, ne Peru and nw Brazil  
        X. o. perplexus  Zimmer, 1934 e Peru and w Brazil  
        X. o. ocellatus  (von Spix, 1824) nc Brazil s of the Amazon  
Tschudi's Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus chunchotambo  (Tschudi, 1844) SA : foothills from se Colombia to s Bolivia AS : Xiphorhyncus chunchotambo is split from X. ocellatus (Aleixo 2002, Marantz et al. 2003); SACC needs proposal
        X. c. napensis  Chapman, 1924 se Colombia, e Ecuador and ne Peru  
        X. c. chunchotambo  (Tschudi, 1844) e Peru  
        X. c. brevirostris  Zimmer, 1934 se Peru and Bolivia  
Elegant Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus elegans  (Pelzeln, 1868) SA : w, sc Amazonia  
        X. e. buenavistae  Zimmer, 1948 e Colombia  
        X. e. ornatus  Zimmer, 1934 se Colombia, e Ecuador, ne Peru and nw Brazil  
        X. e. insignis  (Hellmayr, 1905) ec Peru  
        X. e. juruanus  (von Ihering, H, 1905) se Peru to ne Bolivia and w Brazil  
        X. e. elegans  (Pelzeln, 1868) c and sw Brazil and ne Bolivia  
Spix's Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus spixii  (Lesson, 1830) SA : se Amazonia  
Chestnut-rumped Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus pardalotus  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : ne Amazonia  
        X. p. caurensis  Todd, 1948 se Venezuela, w Guyana and extreme n Brazil  
        X. p. pardalotus  (Vieillot, 1818) the Guianas and n Brazil  
Buff-throated Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus guttatus  (Lichtenstein, 1820) SA : Amazonia, e Brazil PHY, PS : Species limits of guttatus subspecies complex, including susurrans not fully resolved (SACC, proposal needed). Options include lumping susurrans or elevating guttatoides to avoid paraphyly (see Aleixo 2002, Marantz et al 2003, SACC footnote 135)
        X. g. polystictus  (Salvin & Godman, 1883) e Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and extreme n Brazil  
        X. g. connectens  Todd, 1948 ne Brazil n of the Amazon  
        X. g. guttatoides  (Lafresnaye, 1850) se Colombia and s Venezuela to e Ecuador, e Peru, n Bolivia and w Brazil  
        X. g. vicinalis  Todd, 1948 nc Brazil s of the Amazon  
        X. g. eytoni  (Sclater, PL, 1854) ne Brazil s of the Amazon  
        X. g. gracilirostris  Pinto & Camargo, 1957 Ceará (e Brazil)  
        X. g. dorbignyanus  (Pucheran & Lafresnaye, 1850) n and e Bolivia to c Brazil  
        X. g. guttatus  (Lichtenstein, 1820) Paraíba to Espírito Santo (coastal e Brazil)  
Cocoa Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus susurrans  (Jardine, 1847) LA : e Guatemala to n Venezuela  
        X. s. confinis  (Bangs, 1903) e Guatemala and n Honduras  
        X. s. costaricensis  (Ridgway, 1888) s Honduras to w Panama  
        X. s. marginatus  Griscom, 1927 e Panama  
        X. s. nana  (Lawrence, 1863) e Panama to n Colombia and w Venezuela  
        X. s. rosenbergi  Bangs, 1910 w Colombia  
        X. s. susurrans  (Jardine, 1847) Trinidad and Tobago  
        X. s. jardinei  (Dalmas, 1900) ne Venezuela  
        X. s. margaritae  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1949 Margarita Island (off Venezuela)  
Ivory-billed Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus flavigaster  Swainson, 1827 MA : w, e Mexico to nw Costa Rica  
        X. f. tardus  Bangs & Peters, JL, 1928 nw Mexico  
        X. f. mentalis  (Baird, SF, 1867) w Mexico  
        X. f. flavigaster  Swainson, 1827 sw Mexico  
        X. f. saltuarius  Wetmore, 1942 ne Mexico  
        X. f. yucatanensis  Ridgway, 1909 Yucatán Pen (se Mexico), Meco I. (Mexico)  
        X. f. ascensor  Wetmore & Parkes, 1962 s Mexico  
        X. f. eburneirostris  (Des Murs, 1847) se Mexico to nw Costa Rica  
        X. f. ultimus  Bangs & Griscom, 1932 Nicoya Pen. (nw Costa Rica)  
Black-striped Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus lachrymosus  (Lawrence, 1862) LA : e Nicaragua to nw Ecuador  
        X. l. lachrymosus  (Lawrence, 1862) e Nicaragua to w Ecuador  
        X. l. eximius  (Hellmayr, 1903) sw Costa Rica to w Panama (Pacific slope)  
        X. l. alarum  Chapman, 1915 n Colombia  
Spotted Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus erythropygius  (Sclater, PL, 1860) LA : s Mexico to sw Ecuador  
        X. e. erythropygius  (Sclater, PL, 1860) sc and sw Mexico  
        X. e. parvus  Griscom, 1937 s Mexico to n Nicaragua  
        X. e. punctigula  (Ridgway, 1889) s Nicaragua to c Panama  
        X. e. insolitus  Ridgway, 1909 e Panama to nw Colombia  
        X. e. aequatorialis  (von Berlepsch & Taczanowski, 1884) w Colombia to sw Ecuador  
Olive-backed Woodcreeper Xiphorhynchus triangularis  (Lafresnaye, 1842) SA : Venezuela to Bolivia  
        X. t. triangularis  (Lafresnaye, 1842) Colombia and w Venezuela to e Ecuador and n Peru  
        X. t. hylodromus  Wetmore, 1939 n Venezuela  
        X. t. intermedius  Carriker, 1935 c Peru  
        X. t. bangsi  Chapman, 1919 se Peru to c Bolivia  
White-striped Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes leucogaster  (Swainson, 1827) MA : Mexico  
        L. l. umbrosus  Moore, RT, 1934 nw Mexico  
        L. l. leucogaster  (Swainson, 1827) c and s Mexico  
Streak-headed Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes souleyetii  (Des Murs, 1849) LA : w Mexico to Guyana and nw Peru  
        L. s. guerrerensis  van Rossem, 1939 w Mexico  
        L. s. insignis  (Nelson, 1897) se Mexico to n Honduras  
        L. s. compressus  (Cabanis, 1861) s Mexico to w Panama  
        L. s. lineaticeps  (Lafresnaye, 1850) c Panama to n Colombia and w Venezuela  
        L. s. littoralis  (Hartert & Goodson, 1917) Santa Marta region (ne Colombia), n and c Venezuela, Guyana and n Brazil, Trinidad  
        L. s. uaireni  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1950 se Venezuela  
        L. s. esmeraldae  Chapman, 1923 sw Colombia and w Ecuador  
        L. s. souleyetii  (Des Murs, 1849) sw Ecuador and nw Peru  
Narrow-billed Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes angustirostris  (Vieillot, 1818) SA : e, c, sc  
        L. a. griseiceps  Mees, 1974 Suriname  
        L. a. coronatus  (Lesson, 1830) ec Brazil  
        L. a. bahiae  (Hellmayr, 1903) e Brazil  
        L. a. bivittatus  (Lichtenstein, 1822) n and e Bolivia to c and se Brazil  
        L. a. hellmayri  Naumburg, 1925 wc Bolivia  
        L. a. certhiolus  (Todd, 1913) c Bolivia to w Paraguay and nw Argentina  
        L. a. dabbenei  Esteban, 1948 sw Paraguay and n Argentina  
        L. a. angustirostris  (Vieillot, 1818) e Paraguay, sw Brazil and n Argentina  
        L. a. praedatus  (Cherrie, 1916) extreme s Brazil, Uruguay and n and c Argentina  
Spot-crowned Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes affinis  (Lafresnaye, 1839) MA : ne Mexico to w Panama  
        L. a. lignicida  (Bangs & Penard, TE, 1919) ne Mexico  
        L. a. affinis  (Lafresnaye, 1839) s Mexico to n Nicaragua  
        L. a. neglectus  (Ridgway, 1909) Costa Rica and w Panama  
Montane Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger  (Des Murs, 1849) SA : w Venezuela to c Bolivia  
        L. l. sanctaemartae  (Chapman, 1912) Santa Marta Mts. (ne Colombia)  
        L. l. sneiderni  Meyer de Schauensee, 1945 w Colombia  
        L. l. lacrymiger  (Des Murs, 1849) e Colombia and w Venezuela  
        L. l. lafresnayi  (Cabanis & Heine, 1859) n Venezuela  
        L. l. aequatorialis  (Ménégaux, 1912) sw Colombia and Ecuador  
        L. l. frigidus  Meyer de Schauensee, 1951 s Colombia  
        L. l. warscewiczi  (Cabanis & Heine, 1859) se Ecuador to c Peru  
        L. l. carabayae  Hellmayr, 1920 se Peru  
        L. l. bolivianus  (Chapman, 1919) Bolivia  
Scaled Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes squamatus  (Lichtenstein, 1822) SA : se ENG : The correct English name for Lepidocolaptes squamatus is “Scaled Woodcreeper“, not “Scalloped Woodcreeper“
        L. s. wagleri  (von Spix, 1824) e Brazil  
        L. s. squamatus  (Lichtenstein, 1822) se Brazil  
Scalloped Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes falcinellus  (Cabanis & Heine, 1859) SA : se CORR : Scalloped Woodcreeper L.falcinellus was omitted in error from Version 1.0
Lineated Woodcreeper Lepidocolaptes albolineatus  (Lafresnaye, 1846) SA : Amazonia  
        L. a. albolineatus  (Lafresnaye, 1846) e Venezuela, the Guianas and n Brazil  
        L. a. duidae  Zimmer, 1934 e Colombia, s Venezuela and nw Brazil  
        L. a. fuscicapillus  (Pelzeln, 1868) sw Amazonia  
        L. a. madeirae  (Chapman, 1919) sc Amazonia  
        L. a. layardi  (Sclater, PL, 1873) se Amazonia  
Greater Scythebill Drymotoxeres pucheranii  (Lafresnaye, 1849) SA : c Colombia to se Peru PHY,TAX : Separate Greater Scythebill to Drymotoxeres; is sister to the Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper Drymornis (Claramunt et al 2009, SACC 436)
Red-billed Scythebill Campylorhamphus trochilirostris  (Lichtenstein, 1820) LA : Panama to n Argentina  
        C. t. brevipennis  Griscom, 1932 e Panama and nw Colombia  
        C. t. venezuelensis  (Chapman, 1889) n Colombia and n and c Venezuela  
        C. t. thoracicus  (Sclater, PL, 1860) sw Colombia and w Ecuador  
        C. t. zarumillanus  Stolzmann, 1926 nw Peru  
        C. t. napensis  Chapman, 1925 e Ecuador and e Peru  
        C. t. notabilis  Zimmer, 1934 w Brazil s of the Amazon  
        C. t. snethlageae  Zimmer, 1934 c Brazil  
        C. t. major  Ridgway, 1911 e Brazil  
        C. t. omissus  Pinto, 1933 interior e Brazil  
        C. t. trochilirostris  (Lichtenstein, 1820) coastal e Brazil  
        C. t. guttistriatus  Pinto & Camargo, 1955 interior se Brazil  
        C. t. devius  Zimmer, 1934 w and c Bolivia  
        C. t. lafresnayanus  (d'Orbigny, 1846) e Bolivia, sw Brazil and w Paraguay  
        C. t. hellmayri  Laubmann, 1930 sw Paraguay and n Argentina  
Black-billed Scythebill Campylorhamphus falcularius  (Vieillot, 1822) SA : se  
Brown-billed Scythebill Campylorhamphus pusillus  (Sclater, PL, 1860) LA : Costa Rica to n Peru  
        C. p. borealis  Carriker, 1910 Costa Rica and w Panama  
        C. p. olivaceus  Griscom, 1927 c and e Panama  
        C. p. tachirensis  Phelps & Phelps Jr, 1956 ne Colombia and nw Venezuela  
        C. p. guapiensis  Romero-Zambrano, 1980 coastal sw Colombia  
        C. p. pusillus  (Sclater, PL, 1860) w and c Colombia, w Ecuador and n Peru  
Curve-billed Scythebill Campylorhamphus procurvoides  (Lafresnaye, 1850) SA : Amazonia  
        C. p. sanus  Zimmer, 1934 nw Amazonia  
        C. p. procurvoides  (Lafresnaye, 1850) ne Amazonia  
        C. p. probatus  Zimmer, 1934 sw and sc Amazonia  
        C. p. multostriatus  (Snethlage, E, 1907) se Amazonia