"Wisdom begins with putting the right name on a thing"
(Old Chinese Proverb)

Species Status Codes

AL - Accepted Lumps for species that are deemed to be conspecific and are DELETED

AS - Accepted Splits that we deem valid and ADD to Master List

DEL – Deleted from Master List or from active consideration of Proposed Splits

DIS - Changes or corrections of a species Range

ENG – Changes or corrections of English names

EXT--Extinct Taxon

NEW - a newly described taxon as opposed to a revision of prior taxonomy, splits or lumps

PHY – Change that reflects new information on the phylogenetic relationships of the taxon

PL - Proposed Lumps for species that are likely to be treated as conspecific with another taxon and that may be DELETED

PS - Proposed Splits for splits that are being reviewed

TAX - Change of scientific name, including issues of nomenclature (priority, gender etc) and revisions of genera

Master List 5.2

Downloadable files  of the IOC World Bird List include the following:


We Update the list regularly with advances in taxonomy of world birds. Significant Updates  are noted under “Comments” that include citations to References.

See IOC Lists above for Comparison Files, and help using the filters on the Life List + Format.

See Updates Highlighted in red font in a copy of the current Life List+ spreadsheet.

The web pages of  the Master List are subdivided primarily by Order(s) and by sets of related families for Passeriformes. Please use the links below or on the BOW tab to get to the appropriate page, and then use the find tool on your browser to locate a particular species on a page, as needed.

NOTE (May 5, 2015):  We plan to discontinue the table of links below in favor of the BOW tab, which loads pages faster.