"Wisdom begins with putting the right name on a thing"
(Old Chinese Proverb)

IOC Lists

Downloadable files  of the  IOC World Bird List include the following:

FILTERS:  The new Life List+ format includes filters that allow users to exclude subspecies, or extinct taxa, and various combinations of these contents, if so desired.  Thanks to Peter Kovalik for creating this package.

To vary the taxonomic ranks displayed, click on the black button in cell B1 (Rank).  To exclude subspecies, for example, scroll down the lower list and click “ssp”.  Press “ok” if needed. The check mark will disappear and the spreadsheet will recompose without subspecies. To return to the full spreadsheet, click  “clear filter” at the bottom right of the filter display.

To exclude extinct taxa, click on the black button in cell C1, and then on the little cross () in the lower list.   To display only extinct taxa, click  instead on “blank”.

Counts of species in each family are provided starting with IOC 4.2, thanks again to Peter Kovalik.

NOTE (Jan 17):   Peter Kovalik’s Multilingual IOC 4.1 includes hundreds of Chinese vernacular names added – almost for all species. These new Chinese names come from the webpage: http://baike.niaolei.org.cn/, which follows IOC taxonomy: number of species, scientific and English names too.

NOTE (Jan 17):   Peter Kovalik’s enlarged  (=super!) IOC 4.1 comparison file includes not only species but also subspecies (and Clements’ group taxa) as well as two older but important checklists: Sibley & Monroe 1993 and all volumes of Peters checklist.

NOTE (May 22): Dave Sargeant  contributed his much appreciated comparison of IOC 4.2 with Clements 6.8